“We Will Not Name Names…I Left..In Tears”: LeBron James’ Wife Savannah Still Enraged Over Embarrassing Prom Night Memory

Published 03/15/2023, 12:05 PM EDT

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Last month, the NBA witnessed one of its greatest moments as a 38-year-old LeBron James broke a 38-year-old record to become the league’s All-Time top scorer. King James was the star of the night and was soon embraced by his beloved wife Savannah James to celebrate the historic achievement. The duo have been together for almost two decades and have been part of an illustrious journey that has its place in the annals of NBA history. Savannah has helped LeBron brave through a lot of difficult phases in his career. However, she still finds it hard to let go of this nightmarish memory from her prom night.

The two high school sweethearts, LeBron and Savannah, were the talk of the town because of James’ early rise to fame. However, their dazzling prom night appearance would be mired by an experience that has left a bad taste in Savannah James’ mouth to this day.

Savannah James was left in tears before her High school prom date with LeBron James


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In a recent interview with Vogue, Savannah James addressed her hair struggles as a Black woman throughout her life. The 36-year-old mother of three recently discussed how she discovered her style after years of experimenting. However, there were a few nightmarish experiences on the way.

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Savannah James mentioned how her pretty white dress in her high school prom with her then-boyfriend LeBron James was ruined by her hair style. Even after 19 years, Savannah still seems pretty agitated with an experience that made her tear up for all the wrong reasons.

We will not name names of who did it, but that was probably one of my worst hairstyles,” said Savannah. She further added, “I went into the salon with a completely different vision of what I wanted to look like, and the stylist was like, ‘everyone’s going to do that, I got you.’ I’m thinking it’s going to be something great…

I left this salon in tears,” Savannah revealed.


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The then 18-year-old had long bangs to accompany her pretty white dress. Since then, Savannah decided to be very particular about her hair and who touches it. 19 years later, on her husband’s historical moment, she accompanied him with gorgeous blonde hair parted on the side, making sure it was fitting for the historical moment.


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The duo has been with each other since the early 2000s and their heartwarming story is another delight for the fans following them for many years.

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