“We’ve Been a Part of So Much Goddamn History”: Former NBA Champion Reminisces Beating Stephen Curry’s Warriors In A Historic Comeback With LeBron James’ Cavs

Published 05/21/2022, 9:30 AM EDT

The Cleveland Cavaliers vs. the Golden State Warriors was the modern-day rivalry. The two teams were stacked with superstars and big names. During the seasons 2014-15 to 2017-18, it was total dominance. For 4 years in a row, the two sides met with each other in the NBA finals. LeBron James vs Stephen Curry. Kyrie Irving vs Klay Thompson. The games were stacked with mouth-watering matchups. 

Although the Warriors did end up having the upper hand over the 4 finals (won 3) it was never without a fight. Former Cavaliers player Iman Shumpert looked back on the historic win. He talked about the 4 finals the two sides endured and the squads of the Warriors.


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“You only got a few people that are sick enough in the head to think out of this billion people. I can win. You got to be a little sick in the head. You got to be that kid that people be like man you’re crazy, you got to be psycho a little bit. Like yeah, I am crazy. Them crazy m*****f******* go to the league.” Iman talked about completing the comeback in the final from 3-1 down and winning the 2016 NBA Finals creating history.


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He also said how strong the Warriors were and how they talked to fuel up the rivalries over the course of 4 finals. 

Iman Shumpert talked about how Stephen Curry and Warriors pushed LeBron James and rest of the Cavs

Iman also talked about how Steph had trash talked when the Warriors were 3-1 in the lead in 2016 NBA finals. But then LeBron came in clutch and grabbed the game series by its neck. That still remains one of the most impressive finals performances ever. Because the comeback from 3-1 to make it 4-3 had never been achieved. Also, it was in the middle of the Warriors dynasty. If it wasn’t for LeBron and the Cavs, Warriors would have ended up winning 4 rings in a row, all 4 beating LeBron James.

Iman said, “Steph was like I think I could still smell the champagne or something. They talk crazy. It was a fun time, though I was happy that they did do that. That just gave us life on every summer. Thinking about a bigger picture all the time. That was the only way a lot of us could confide to the roles we was in. That’s why it was special (the 4 finals in a row).”


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He, later on, went on to talk about KD joining the Warriors. Reminiscing about the rivalry, he talked about how the Cavs had to deal with Curry, Klay, and Draymond Green already and then also added Durant to the ranks.


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He added, “It’s cool to look back on like, because you go through your  different points in life and how you feel about it, and back then I was super mad about it. Couple years later, I’m like get me back in the league, and then then it is like, now I’m watching it as it all develops, I’m like, damn it is cool as hell that we’ve been a part of so much goddamn history.”

Iman talked about how strong the Warriors squad already was when KD wasn’t there. But it only got better with the arrival of KD and they bagged another championship. Iman expressed how grateful he feels that he got to be a part of this history and how he loved the time the Cavs and Warriors had against each other.



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