“What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”: Ex-Wife Glory Johnson, Who Wasn’t Interested in Women, Wanted To Forget Brittney Griner After First Romantic Encounter

Published 08/25/2022, 1:30 PM EDT

WNBA star Brittney Griner has been in the news for a very long time. After her arrest in Russia, Griner’s name has become the topic of hot conversation. Her past relationships and their stories have also started being revisited. One of them is where her ex-wife, Glory Johnson, talks about their relationship. Glory explained how she wanted to forget about Griner after their first romantic encounter.

Griner was in a relationship with a fellow WNBA star, Glory Johnson. They dated for a year before getting married. They were even expecting a child as Johnson was pregnant at the time. But things turned sour as Griner filed for an annulment the next day. Later on, the couple filed for a divorce.


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When asked about the relationship, Johnson didn’t had a lot of nice things about Griner. Johnson explained how her first romantic encounter with Griner happened and how she wanted to forget about her.

Johnson says, Brittney Griner made the first move on her

Griner and Johnson knew each other for some time, and they really connected during a basketball camp that happened in Vegas. Moreover, Griner was the one who was interested in Johnson and she used to hang out with Johnson.


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When Griner put her arm around Johnson, she went along with it. Johnson says this felt pretty romantic. She adds, “I wasn’t thinking about her being a female. She was just somebody who was showing me a really, really good time”. 


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She continues, “It was really awkward because what do you do when you’ve never been in this situation with a female before? We finally laid down and were about to go to sleep. Of course, there was a little bit more that happened. As I was getting more and more comfortable, more and more was happening.”

“It was literally a moment like, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,”


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The two stars went their different ways, but they did time for each other later. Sometime later, they were classified as a couple. After that came the marriage and the issues which came out later. But their encounter happened by chance and it was by chance that ended up together.



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