Who Is Celtics Star Al Horford’s Wife Amelia Vega? The Dominican Model Who Is the Tallest Miss Universe Winner

Published 05/09/2022, 11:22 PM EDT

The NBA playoffs provide a great platform for the big players to separate themselves from the rest. And with the Celtics running short on fuel in Game 4, Al Horford took things under his control. The NBA veteran put the Celtics on his back eruption for a playoff career-high against the Milwaukee Bucks. He helped them level the series up as they now head to Boston for Game 5.

With the stakes so high, Horford surely emerged as a hero. But it seems it isn’t something new in the family. His wife, Amelia Vega is also one to break the records herself. The Dominican supermodel was the queen of the beauty world back in 2003 as she shattered all odds and made history.

Jan 12, 2022; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Boston Celtics center Al Horford (42) shoots the ball while Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner (33) in the second half at Gainbridge Fieldhouse. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

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Who is Al Horford’s wife?

Al Horford has enjoyed his long NBA career and surrounded himself with achievements in every step of the way. His true strength was on full display against the Bucks in his 30-point performance to seal the game. However, while Horford takes the front on the court, who is present behind the scenes? And the answer is his wife, Amelia Vega.

With such a big beautiful family to take care of, Vega is not new to multitasking. She is a Dominican supermodel, actress, singer, and a former Miss Universe winner as well. She has been the perfect partner to Horford as both of them take on shared responsibilities to take care of their household.

Success is clearly not new in the Horford family. But the Celtics star’s wife broke the record books multiple times with just one title of Miss Universe.

When did Amelia Vega win Miss Universe?

Vega won the Miss Universe competition back in 2003 at the tender age of just 18. She became the youngest winner since 1994 to be at the apex of the competition. In addition, she was also the first Dominican to win the title of Miss Universe. She entered the competition at a height of 6 feet with a face that says it all.

Apart from her Miss Universe honors, she has also come out with multiple songs and played parts in a couple of movies. This successful duo met in Boston, but when did they officially become a pair?


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When did Vega and the Celtics star get married?

While both of them are from the same country, Vega and Horford have a surprising story. The pair met in Boston when Horford was in his first stint with the team. Later on December 24, 2011, the duo decided to get married in their home country. However, huge trouble came up as Vega didn’t have any means to get to the wedding. This is when David Ortiz came to the rescue as he lent Horford his Rolls Royce to get his wife to the venue.


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Since then, the pair has grown into a beautiful family with 4 children. Notably their son, Ean Horford Vega, and three daughters, Alia, Ava, and Nova. They are a clear example of a strong pair who have done well both professionally as well in their personal life. And even after all the accolades, they are still hungry for more.



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