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Who is Anthony Davis’ Girlfriend Marlen P? All You Need to Know About Their Relationship & Daughter

Published 07/31/2021, 8:19 PM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Anthony Davis became a star entity and a household name when he joined the Lakers in 2019. Prior to that, he was mostly under the radar, playing a huge yet just-not-enough role for the struggling Pelicans. Much like his own self, his dating life also remained a secret affair, as no one really bothered him much.

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However, the stars turned when The Brow became the bro (pun-intended) for Bron. The spotlight had the paparazzi sink their tooth into AD’s love life, only to find nothing worthwhile. So who is the Lakers’ power forward’s love interest? 


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Lakers’ Anthony Davis and his cryptic love

The 8x NBA All-Star is dating a woman named Marlen P. Now, the ambiguity about the relationship is such that her surname is unknown to the media. In fact, her Instagram account is also private where she currently follows 900 people and has allowed just about 3000 people to follow her. 

However, her bio says “God above all” and that has fuelled speculation about Marlen being of a Christian origin. Another guesswork suggests that she is of Dominican ancestry. Be it whatever, one thing is certain, and it is that both Marlen and AD have a daughter named Nala. Recently, the 28-YO took Nala to the premier of Space Jam 2 and uploaded a very cute video of her holding a bunny.


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AD’s previous dating life and how he met with Marlen

Scrolling through The Brow‘s Instagram ID, one will have to go hundreds of posts down to find any family pictures. So AD has made his stand clear that one will have to work harder to know deeply about him.

Now, in the past (2015), he had dated a 6’8″ WNBA player Brittney Griner. However, amidst their marriage rumors and Brittney’s past relations, nothing concrete hit the wall. 


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Later, he perhaps started dating Marlen in 2016/17 because, by 2017 end, the couple had already hosted a baby shower for Nala. Later, there were some unproven allegations on AD for being unfaithful, but every such rumor died a quick death.


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As of now, the couple of The Brow and Marlen have successfully kept their relationship a close secret with very limited public appearances. Do you see this as a better way to handle personal life when it’s about dealing with stardom? Help us with your opinion in the comments.

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