Who Is Warriors Star Jordan Poole’s Rumored Girlfriend? Millionaire Model Who Stole His Clothes and His Heart

Published 01/24/2023, 5:30 PM EST

In his brief stint in the NBA, Jordan Poole has risen to great heights, which many players take up entire careers to achieve. Moreover, he has also emerged as one of the most exciting prospects in the league. Consequently, apart from his on-court headlines, the 23-year-old has taken center stage in rampant rumors outside the court as well. Among many such media speculations, the ones surrounding his romantic ventures have gained a massive fan following. According to these rumors, the # 3 guard on the Golden State Warriors has linked up with a millionaire model, who once ‘stole’ his shirt.

Though the young Warrior has been tangled up in many rumors concerning many women in and around Hollywood, his supposed relationship with one model may have some merit to it.

Who is Jordan Poole’s girlfriend?


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Jordan Poole won the 2022 NBA championship alongside Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors as a key contributor on the roster. Consequently, Poole also signed a massive contract worth $123 million after the title run. Needless to say, Swaggy Poole has emerged as one of the most popular young players in the league. Likewise, Poole’s personal life has come under major scrutiny from all sides, including his dating life.

All the incessant scrutiny and internet digging have led fans to arrive at a bold conclusion about who Poole’s girlfriend might be. Thus according to the verdict on the internet, JP3 is currently dating the up-and-coming Filipino model, Kim Cruz. The rumors surrounding the two started picking up steam after the 24-year-old model was spotted wearing one of his shirts in 2021. Moreover, she was also seen courtside during multiple Warriors’ games. Furthermore, on one of her Instagram stories, while sitting courtside, Cruz shared a video of Poole shooting a free throw which further fueled the fire.


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Besides the above ‘evidence,’ Cruz and Poole follow each other on Instagram. Many fans have rallied strongly behind these rumors. However, the two are yet to indicate any such notions publicly.


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Who is Kim Cruz?

Kim Cruz, born in the Philippinnes, is a 24-year-old model/artist. She has achieved major success in her work which has garnered her a massive following. She currently has 435k followers on Instagram.

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Apart from her successful modeling career, Cruz also has an impressive art collection. She started pursuing her dream of becoming an art curator not long ago. However, she came through on her aspirations after joining an art gallery. Cruz shares most of her work on her Instagram and other social media handles.




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