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“Why Is Everyone Lying”: Minutes After Kyrie Irving-LeBron James Bombshell on NBA World, Fans Left Befuddled Over Another Massive Update

Published 06/06/2023, 5:30 AM EDT

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The NBA world was sent into a tailspin with a single tweet, shattering the delicate equilibrium that existed between reality and fantasy. Bleacher Report dropped a bombshell, causing fans to question everything they thought they knew. Amidst the rumors of potential interest from Kyrie Irving in reuniting with LeBron James, the Dallas Mavericks’ desire to trade for a certain basketball demigod set the internet ablaze, igniting a wildfire of speculation and fervent debate.

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The mere thought of these two superstars uniting on the court had fans gasping for breath, while their minds spun with possibilities. Even the analysts joined in the conversation of this enchanting possibility.

LeBron James trade rumors


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The Bleacher Report tweeted that Dallas was ready to make an offer to Lebron for a trade. This tweet ignited a passionate debate among NBA fans, with social media platforms buzzing with hypothetical scenarios and fervent discussions. Fans began speculating about the potential outcomes if the Mavericks had made an offer for LeBron James. The “what if” game played out in countless tweets and comments, highlighting the excitement and intrigue generated by this bombshell revelation.

Fans from across the globe voiced their opinions, debating the potential impact of a Kyrie-LeBron partnership on the league.


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The NBA community was divided, with some fans arguing that such a Big 3 would be unstoppable, while others questioned the feasibility and potential chemistry issues.

The Kyrie Irving-LeBron James Connection

LeBron James played with Kyrie Irving during his Cleveland Cavaliers’ run. They had great on-court chemistry, with LeBron’s playmaking and leadership complementing Kyrie’s scoring prowess.

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LeBron James’ influence on any team is immense, and the Dallas Mavericks would have been no exception. With LeBron’s arrival, the Mavericks’ already formidable roster, led by rising star Luka Doncic, would have transformed into a formidable Big 3. The combination of LeBron’s leadership, Kyrie’s scoring ability, and Luka’s playmaking skills would have made the Mavericks an instant championship contender.

USA Today via Reuters

While the idea of such a superstar trio is undoubtedly tantalizing, it is essential to consider the financial implications. Acquiring both Kyrie Irving and LeBron James would have required significant financial maneuvering by the Dallas Mavericks considering the salary cap.


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