Years After Controversy, LeBron James Goes Back to His Roots With a New Purchase

January 12, 2021 2:00 am

LeBron James is the face of the NBA and also the king of endorsement deals. The hype around the ‘Chosen One’ has or will never settle, and James endorses several brands which results in mutual profit. One of those brands that has roped him up as an ambassador is GMC, which made LeBron the face of their upcoming Hummer! 

Yes, the Hummer is making its grand return late this year, and this time, it will be an electric truck. GMC is launching the new edition of the Hummer and they struck a deal with LeBron to promote the newly inspired vehicle. 

LeBron James shows off his unreleased Hummer EV

Hummer is making its grand return to the market in about 11 years. They’ve partnered with the perfect celebrity to boost their sales, and GMC has also sent LeBron an early release of their electric beast. 

LeBron James took to social media and sent fans into a frenzy with his brand new Hummer. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar gave a quick tour of his ‘Pearl White’ vehicle and also added a quick view into the spacious interiors of the truck. 

The four-time NBA champion also quickly stated facts about the vehicle and boasted the engine’s performance and was spot on with the fact that it can go from zero-60mph in 3.0 seconds.

The James family will be loving their new electric vehicle as the battery can last up to 350 miles on a single charge. Furthermore, the 350 kilo-watt fast-charging capacity needs just ten minutes to fill 100 miles worth of juice! 

The EV Model Edition 1 that James owns is the line of trucks that will be hitting the market in 2021. Its price tag is set at $112,595 and comes with all the top features, while the cheaper models will be released in the forthcoming years. 

LeBron’s early connection a controversy with Hummer

Getting a brand new car in high-school is every kid’s dream. But for LeBron, it became reality and in the most grand manner. Gloria James gifted her son, who was an assured Top draft pick, a brand new Hummer for turning 18 years old. 

Everybody went crazy about the $50,000 gift, and there was a major investigation made into the purchase. It then led to briefly led to LeBron’s suspension in his senior year and he missed two games with St.Vincent-St.Mary before breaking free of his chains from high-school.

LeBron James’ first-ever car was a Hummer and it brings a nice connection that he is the face of the brand now. 

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