“You Ain’t From the Hood”: Enraged Over Deion Sanders’ “Men With No Fathers” Backlash, Shaquille O’Neal Takes a Hater to School

Published 03/07/2023, 11:50 AM EST

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Former Super Bowl champion Deion Sanders has prompted a whirlwind of backlash from different sections of society and the sports world, in particular, after his contentious comments regarding not hiring recruits from ‘single momma households’ for the Quarterback position. Sanders recently made a controversial claim about his recruits belonging to single-parent and dual-parent homes, which invited a lot of flak from the media. However, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal held his ground and talked extensively about how Sanders is correct in his assessment on a recent episode of The Big Podcast.

While Shaq agreed with Sanders, his co-host Nichelle Turner was in no mood to defend Sanders and his statement. This led to a heated argument between the two on the podcast, which compelled Shaq to get personal with Turner. Subsequently, the Big Diesel proceeded to take the ET reporter to school with a brilliant rebuttal.

Shaquille O’Neal takes Nischelle Turner to school after heated argument


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Colorado University football coach Deion Sanders recently revealed his recruitment strategy. According to the NFL legend, he wants his quarterbacks to hail from dual-parent households as that position requires discipline and mental acuity. On the other hand, Sanders prefers his defensive linemen to belong to single-mother households, as he requires aggressive tenacity from players at that position.

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Contrary to the popular notion, four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal agreed with Sanders. On The Big Podcast with Shaq, the Los Angeles Lakers legend asserted that studies and statistics back Sanders’ claim. However, Nichelle Turner, who hails from a single mother household herself, naturally did not agree with Sanders and quickly hit back at Shaq.


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According to the veteran report, such kind of discriminatory rhetoric might end up hurting a lot of kids through no fault of their own. She let her thoughts be known and this led to a heated argument between Shaq and Turner. Interestingly, O’Neal brought up Turner’s personal life during the argument to substantiate his point.


Shaq said, But you ain’t from the hood though, since you wanna get technical boo-boo!” Turner immediately hit back and said that she is from the country where apparently she had it worse. O’Neal then said, It ain’t worse in the country. What were ya’ll stealing? Cows and chickens? “

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The argument ended soon and the panelists made peace with each other. Interestingly, while Shaq belongs to a dual-parent household, he lived without a father for a couple of years. O’Neal’s biological father left him while he was very young and Shaq’s mother had to struggle in order to raise her children.

Sanders caught up in yet another controversy


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Legendary athlete Deion Sanders hasn’t had the best of starts to his coaching stint in Colorado. Right after his controversial comments landed him in trouble, he is once again caught in a religious controversy.

Prime Time is known to be a very religious man. Sanders had once mentioned that he had been sent by god to take the Jackson State coaching job which he eventually left. Moreover, he was also advised by a foundation to focus on his job rather than try to become a pastor, according to Fox News. The season starts in a few months’ time and Sanders has already taken most of the limelight despite not being on the sidelines.


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