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“You Can’t Kill a Wounded Dog”: Senior NBA Star Openly Invites Russell Westbrook to Play for His Team 1 Day After Wife’s Outburst

Published 02/11/2023, 9:40 AM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

Former Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westbrook has been in the news for the past couple of days. His trade away from the Lakers has been creating all the buzz lately with numerous fans around the world speculating on the former MVP’s future. A Los Angeles Clippers star recently talked about his team looking to add a traditional point guard. Although Westbrook’s form has been an issue for quite some time, he is one of the best players for that position. Clippers veteran Marcus Morris Sr seemingly agreed with this claim.

He named Westbrook as one of the players he would like to see in a Clippers jersey. With Brodie’s future still in the air, Morris Sr welcomed him with ‘open arms’ to the Clippers who seem to be interested in giving Westbrook the contract.

Clippers star invites Russell Westbrook to join his team


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Russell Westbrook is the name constantly doing the rounds of NBA debates around the world. The 2016-17 MVP was traded by the Lakers and a lot was said about his time in LA. Some reports called him a ‘vampire’ which was not taken well by Westbrook’s wife. She lashed out at the comments and received a lot of support.

Westbrook’s future is still uncertain. There is a possibility that the Utah Jazz buy out the contract. Rumors across the internet are considering the Clippers a serious suitor for Russ. In fact, their players are acknowledging their team’s interest in the former All-Star. Recently, Paul George revealed he has talked with his former teammate regarding his future.


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George said, “I’ve talked to him just to kind of see where his head is and to see if there is anything I can do”. Marcus Morris Sr also chimed in following their 119-106 against the Milwaukee Bucks.

According to Andrew Greif of the LA Times, Morris Sr said, “Let him be himself, we need the personality, we need the veterans. You know he’s been in the playoffs a lot of times, in the championship. I want him to come. I think, you know, you can’t kill a wounded dog, you give him an opportunity to come back, it would be dangerous.”

Similar to George, Morris revealed that he is an admirer of the former Lakers star. Paul George and Brodie played together for the Oklahoma City Thunder and know each other well. This might one of the biggest reasons why Westbrook joins the Clippers.

Westbrook might end up staying

Amidst all the talks of Westbrook joining the Clippers, he might just end up staying with the Utah Jazz instead. After the trade, everyone expected the Jazz to buy his contract out immediately. 


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However, it seems the Jazz might just end up keeping him. According to The Athletic, the team and the player have had productive discussions. Moreover, it seems they are open to ‘all possibilities’ and one of them is playing for the Utah Jazz.

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