Fans Nominate Marcus Smart to the Oscars for His Flop Against Oklahoma City Thunder

By 4 months ago

It was a Sunday evening when the Oscar award ceremony was scheduled. And it was just another Sunday evening Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart. Smart had two notable incidents in the game against Oklahoma City Thunder- both of which he is known for, but only one of which he would like to be known for.

During the game against Oklahoma City, Smart came out with another one of his infamous flops. While driving in, Smart took an arm to the head and fell to ground in an exaggerated manner.

People on social media, rather hilariously, were quick to relate the incident in the NBA to the Oscars.

Marcus Smart wins the game for Boston Celtics

As the game came to an end, Smart showed another one of his traits. Smart made sure his team won the game in clutch moments. With just about six seconds left in the game, Smart inflicted a turnover from Shai Gilgeous-Alexander with a smart steal. This meant that the score would remain 112-111 in favour of the Celtics.

As fast as people were on social media to mock Smart for his flop, they were also quick to mention his match-winning play in the final few seconds. Smart also earned praises from fellow players.

“That’s what he’s there for, man. He brings a different type of energy to our ball club. We love him out there. Defensive Player of the Year, no question. With players like that, there’s not many players making plays like that in clutch situations,” teammate Kemba Walker said of Smart after the game.

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