Boston Celtics News: Marcus Smart Bust Up Could Lead to Repercussions

By 3 months ago

Marcus Smart had to be escorted off the court after heated discussions with the officials during the game between  Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday.

Brooklyn Nets had come back from behind to force the game into overtime. At the end of regular time Smart was not happy when the referees called a shooting foul against him. There was plenty of controversy as Smart showed his emotions on the foul call.

Smart had to be escorted off the court and separated from the officials after yelling and pointing at them.

Marcus Smart could get into trouble

After his actions on Tuesday, Marcus Smart could face severe action. The Celtics await whether Smart will face suspension or fine.

If Smart does get a suspension, the Celtics will be one more player short.

The Celtics had already come into the gane without Jason Tatum. To make matters worse, Jaylen Brown and Gordon Hayward left the court with apparent injuries. Their guard Kemba Walker had also recently come out of injury.

In the absence of their stars, Daniel Theis has stepped up for the Celtics during the course of the NBA season.

Playing around 23 minutes per game,  Theis has averaged nine points, 9 rebounds, and 6.7 assists per game. He is also shooting an improved 55.3 % from field goals. He has also contributed defensively with 1.3 blocks per game.

“If Theis wasn’t there to fill that void for our bigs, I don’t know where we’d be right now, to be honest with you,” Smart said, as per The Athletic. “We would be in some trouble, man.”

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