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Kyrie Irving Injury Update: MRI Reveals Medial Ligament Strain

Kyrie Irving Injury Update: MRI Reveals Medial Ligament Strain

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Brooklyn Nets’ have announced an injury update on Kyrie Irving. Irving had reportedly sprained his right knee during the last game the Nets played against the Wizards.

 Kyrie Irving had to exit the game against Washington Wizards

Irving had recently recovered from a shoulder injury. This injury made him skip 26 games. Hardly had he played a few games after his recovery, he suffered a knee injury.

The injury happened in the fourth quarter when Irving was trying to hold the ball of Wizards’ Bradley Beal. Irving immediately clutched his knee but got up for a jump-ball. Immediately after that, Irving headed to the locked room with just over five minutes of play left in the game.

It was officially announced by the Nets that Irving won’t play till the end.

Later, ESPN reported that Kyrie Irving will undergo an MRI on his right knee on Sunday.

Now, the Nets have updated the fans about Irving’s injury. According to the MRI scan reports, Irving has a medial ligament strain. This injury may take up to 5-6 weeks to recover, depending upon the intensity of the strain. The Nets gave a medical update about Irving, which included that Irving was to go for a reevaluation in one week’s time.


Irving’s List of Recent Injuries:

During his last major injury, Kyrie acknowledged that he had felt pain when lifting his right (shooting) shoulder when attempting jumpers. The pain became progressively worse, and, if the cortisone shot does not work, Irving said he will consider arthroscopic surgery. Such an operation could sideline him for 3-4 months, effectively ending his 2019-20 season.

11/15/2019 Right Shoulder
11/13/2019 Right Shoulder
04/08/2019 Knee
03/30/2019 Back
03/25/2019 Rest
03/06/2019 Left Thigh Contusion
02/10/2019 Strained Right Knee
02/04/2019 Left Hip Strain
01/28/2019 Left Hip Strain
01/23/2019 Illness
01/13/2019 Quad
01/01/2019 Eye

The Brooklyn Nets’ coach Kenny Atkinson has announced that Kyrie will be successfully replaced, for now.

“We have sufficient enough talent in there.”, Atkinson said while commenting on the options they had in Irving’s absence.

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