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Nets News: Kyrie Irving All Set to Miss Game Against 76ers Due to Hamstring Injury

Nets News: Kyrie Irving All Set to Miss Game Against 76ers Due to Hamstring Injury

Kyrie Irving

Brooklyn Nets star player Kyrie Irving is set to be benched for the Nets vs. 76ers after a long stretched hamstring injury. He has already missed 26 games in the 2019-20 season and seems to be getting no better. Irving could not play on Martin Luther King Day. According to him, it was an honor he could not receive. He was diagnosed with shoulder impingement since November 12. 

Kyrie Irving is a six-time all-star but has had his share of injuries spanning his career. He recently returned to the court on January 12, for the Nets’ match with the Atlanta Hawks. 

In 2019, Irving suffered a total of 12 injuries. From quads to eyes, injuries cover all of Irving, this last season. Here is a look at the injuries and when they happened. These contribute heavily to Irving’s 26 unplayed matches and a really offseason.


11/15/2019 Right Shoulder
11/13/2019 Right Shoulder
04/08/2019 Knee
03/30/2019 Back
03/25/2019 Rest
03/06/2019 Left Thigh Contusion
02/10/2019 Strained Right Knee
02/04/2019 Left Hip Strain
01/28/2019 Left Hip Strain
01/23/2019 Illness
01/13/2019 Quad
01/01/2019 Eye


 Back in late December, after a report surfaced that Irving had bursitis in the shoulder, head coach Kenny Atkinson was asked it the report was accurate. He stated flatly, “it’s not true.” However, Irving stated back on November 4, that he felt discomfort, and that he had taken a cortisone shot in hopes that it would relieve his aching shoulder.


Kyrie acknowledged that he had felt pain when lifting his right (shooting) shoulder when attempting jumpers. The pain became progressively worse, and, if the cortisone shot does not work, Irving said he will consider arthroscopic surgery. Such an operation could sideline him for 3-4 months, effectively ending his 2019-20 season.


 The Nets’ last match with the Orlando Magic was the team’s 6th defeat in a row, which is a record for the longest active losing streak in the NBA. Cue back to Christmas, the Nets ranked last in the league in offensive efficiency. In five of the six matches, their losses have been in double digits. During the last two weeks, the Nets own the NBA’s worst net rating.

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