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Nets News: Kyrie Irving Provides a Positive Update on his Injury

Nets News: Kyrie Irving Provides a Positive Update on his Injury

Kyrie Irving of Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving has some happy news for the Brooklyn Nets fans. The six-time NBA All-Star was reported to be involved in a first practice session with the team since his injury.

Talking about his return from injury, Irving said he will be re-evaluating himself again after a day.

“We just see where we end up in the next few days,” Irving said as per ESPN. “Realistically, we will re-evaluate tomorrow. See how I feel tomorrow. Then go Saturday – probably another practice.”

The positive for the fans and the Nets will be that Irving said he could return in another week although he did not seem to set any date for his return.

“Hopefully I get some game reps in addition to practice probably in the next week or so,” he said. “It could be less than that, but I’ll give myself a week.”

Irving had suffered the shoulder injury in November during a game against Utah Jazz, which the Nets had apparently lost. Two days later, he came back to play a game against Denver Nuggets, but is yet to feature in a game since then.


In the absence of Irving, the Nets have played Spencer Dinwiddie as their guard and he has been a good find for them.

Nets without their two All-Star signings

The Nets also have Kevin Durant on the injury list. The Nets had traded him along with Kyrie Irving in the pre-season. With the All-Star signings, the Nets expected to compete hard among the big teams in the league.

However, they have missed both with injuries with one now expected to be back soon and the other only in the next season.

The Nets are currently eighth in the NBA Eastern Conference with a 16-20 record.

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