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Brooklyn Nets’ Veteran “Definitely” Interested in Extending His Contract With the Team

Brooklyn Nets’ Veteran “Definitely” Interested in Extending His Contract With the Team

Joe Harris

Brooklyn Nets small forward Joe Harris is interested in extending his stay with the Nets. He seemed positive about signing a contract extension when asked about it. The prospect of playing a full season with the likes of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving is motivating him to extend his stay in Brooklyn.

“Definitely! Why wouldn’t you?” Harris said, as per New York Post. “Obviously those are guys who I’ve gotten close with now that I’ve been with them this past year. They’re obviously incredible players. You see what they’re able to do when they are healthy and playing. I don’t think there’s anybody in the NBA who wouldn’t want to play with those guys.”

Brooklyn Nets could be title contenders next season and it could be a temptation for veterans like Joe Harris

The 2019/20 season has been a disappointment for the Nets and their fans in terms of not being able to play their new All-Star signings. While Durant already came in with a major injury, Irving got himself injured not long into the season. Irving reaggravated his injury not long after his comeback and is set to be out for the season.

“Yeah, it’s sort of frustrating for everybody just because obviously we were without Ky’ for a majority of the season but we were without a lot of guys for a majority of the season. We never truly had a healthy roster. I’d venture to guess it’s probably less than five games where everybody that was supposed to be playing this year was all fully healthy,” Harris said.

Both Durant and Irving are expected to start the next season. This will strengthen the Nets side and make them real title contenders. It could make a few veterans look to play with them in search of a Championship. For Joe Harris, he doesn’t need to go elsewhere in search of a Championship once Durant and Irving return.

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