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Watch: Kyrie Irving Gets SHOCKED When Interviewer Asks if He Sees LeBron James as a Parental Figure

Watch: Kyrie Irving Gets SHOCKED When Interviewer Asks if He Sees LeBron James as a Parental Figure

Kyrie Irving and LeBron James

LeBron James can be regarded as the leader of his pack during his second stint at the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he was not certainly a parental figure. Details regarding the same emerged in 2015, when a reporter asked Kyrie Irving what influence James had on him and his teammates as a parental figure.

Irving was, in fact, stunned when the reporter attributed parental references to his teammate. The reporter recalled Tristan Thompson calling James a great father and asked Irving how he felt about it.

LeBron James is an influential figure

While Irving was initially shocked, he understood the reporter’s reference. Irving said that James has been a good leader while joking that he only had one father.

“Parental role? Honestly? I don’t know how to really answer that question. He has been a great leader for us. I have one father. That’s my dad, Drederick Irving. But for us, in terms of learning the nuances of the game, and also how to win, and how to carry ourselves off the court, I feel he has been a great influence in that role.”

Irving and James played together for four years during the latter’s second stint with the Cavaliers. Irving, who started his NBA career with the Cavaliers, was 22 when James came to Cleveland in 2014. James, by then, was an 11-season NBA veteran and had established himself as one of the best.

James would always have an influence over his fellow players. In 2016, he led the Cavaliers to the Championship along with Irving. A year later, Kyrie left for Boston Celtics while LeBron stayed for another year.

Currently, James is helping the Los Angeles Lakers in their quest for the first NBA title in 10 years. Having joined them in 2018, James got help with the arrival of Anthony Davis in 2019. The duo’s performances had made the Lakers one of the favorites for the 2019/20 title before the league’s suspension.

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