Did Jimmy Butler Invite Joel Embiid to Join Miami Heat?

Former teammates Jimmy Butler and Joel Embiid had a cryptic conversation on Instagram on Monday.

The Sixers big man posted a photo on Instagram with a caption: “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

“I know a place where villains are welcome,” Butler commented on the post ‌while Embiid agreed to it.

Embiid and Butler were together in Philadelphia last season. But after only one season with the Sixers, Butler decided to move out. The reason for it being not getting a max extension that he wanted.

After he left for Miami, the 76er have had an up and down 2019/20 season. Embiid has come into some criticism this season. His Instagram post leads to some speculation as to whether he directed it towards the Phillies franchise. And Butler’s response seems to be an invitation for Embiid to join Miami Heat.

Pat Riley to add players alongside Jimmy Butler in the future to push for the Championship

In a recent interview with The Athletic, Miami Heat president talked about his lofty ambitions for the franchise.

“You know me, I’m all about now,” Riley said. “We’re going to press on. We’re not going to stop. We are committed to winning and getting back to contending for a world championship. And I have to say to you, we will.”

Miami missed out on signing the likes of Danilo Gallinari before the trade deadline. Riley said that the Heat will get players to make full use of Butler’s prime years and win a Championship in the near future.

“We will get players and get what we need in the next year or two. That’s not going to waste Jimmy Butler’s years, his best years, and (we’ll) try to get the best we can,” he said.

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Saketh Kandadai