NBA News: Did Karl-Anthony Towns Take a Jibe at Jimmy Butler?

By 8 months ago

After sitting out for 15 games, Minnesota Timberwolves big man Karl-Anthony Towns came back for the game against Indiana Pacers.

Amidst rumours of Towns being unhappy in Minnesota, he trashed out all those after dropping 27 points against the Pacers.

“I think you’ve been around me long enough to know I don’t go for all the s***,” Towns was quoted saying by Yahoo Sports.. “I just do my job, go home and I know what the real story is. There’s a reason those stories are made because people need to sell papers, sell links and clicks. “whatever the case may be. I’m here to be a Minnesota Timberwolf.

“Very fortunate I have a head coach like [Ryan Saunders], a President and friend like [Gersson Rosas]. I’m not worried about all that nonsense.”

Karl-Anthony Towns makes a cryptic statement, was it on Jimmy Butler?

While dismissing the trade rumours, Towns also seemed to have made a cryptic statement referring to his former teammate and current Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler.

“Whatever we have to deal with in house, we’ll deal with in house, but this ain’t the circus-like it used to be,” he said. “This is something that’s going to be done as a family. If we have a problem or anything, we’ll deal with it internally. We won’t have any external forces here adding anything.”

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The “circus” of the past that Towns referred to, seems like a throwback to the when Jimmy Butler was in Minnesota.

In 2018, when Butler had requested for a trade while in Minnesota along with Towns, it was much more than just a “request.” While attending practice sessions, he took on a few players. It included Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, who are currently a part of the Wolves squad.

Butler was known to have ripped off Timberwolves’ starters in a practice session with a second-string squad.

He was eventually traded to Philadelphia 76ers, where he spent a season before moving to Miami Heat.

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