Developers Provide Update On Upcoming Patch for NBA 2K21

September 14, 2020 10:59 pm

NBA 2K21 has seen its fair share of updates, despite being just 10 days into its release. The game released a second patch earlier today to address certain issues with the shooting. However, those issues with the shooting were created after 2K released the first patch of the game.

The patch that released today was supposed to fix a lot of issues that people had. This includes the lack of ankle-breakers and problems with shooting. However, it turns out that it made minor changes to shooting mechanics.

But this patch did include an option to switch to the 2K20 shot meter when you boot the game up.

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Many expected a patch to nerf shooting, as the first patch made the window for white releases too high. This was especially true for mid-range fadeaways.

However, Mike Wang has revealed that fadeaways were untouched in this update and that ankle-breakers will also be fixed properly in Patch 1.03.

NBA 2K21: Why are they releasing so many patches?

Three patches within the first two weeks of the release are very odd. While games do have early patches, things don’t evolve at such a rapid rate. However, 2K isn’t like normal games. Gameplay mechanic alterations can instantly change a lot, especially for competitive players.

Considering that the 2K has a big community of competitive players, but no separate modes for them to play (like FIFA and FUT Champions). The new shot mechanics need to be corrected, so as to eliminate the factor of luck.

If everyone’s white releases go in, it genuinely becomes a contest to see who is luckier with their white releases dropping. Also, even though the game has Kobe Bryant on the cover, that isn’t a reason to make fadeaway jumpers unstoppable.

People have spammed these jumpers for cheap wins, to a point that even Mike Wang felt the need to tweet about fixing it.

Ankle-breakers are popular and have always been a feature of 2K games. While it is very odd to not have them in the game from the start, it is reassuring to see them patch it in.

Hopefully, it is the end of the constant patches and updates to the game so that the fans can enjoy the game without players exploiting issues in the game’s meta.

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