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NBA Finals MVP 2015: Who deserved it James or Igudola?

NBA Finals MVP 2015: Who deserved it James or Igudola?


Its the first tile in over a generation. There was no question, that the best team won the 2015 NBA Championship.  The Golden State Warriors won their 4th NBA title, their first in 40 years after beating Cleveland Cavaliers at the Quicken Loans Arena 105-97 in Game 6.  One presentation during the post-match celebrations may cause alot of debate

Andre Iguodala was awarded the Finals MVP of 2015.
This surprised quite a few people.

It can be agreed, that irrespective of the winning team, LeBron James for all his stellar performances in the post season and finals deserved to be the 2015 Finals MVP.  The last time the Finals MVP was awarded to a member of the losing team? 1969 when the Inaugural Finals MVP (now called the Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award ) was awarded to Jerry West of Los Angeles Lakers when they lost to the Boston Celtics.

The NBA Playoffs is where the super stars really, push their limits. The recipient of the award, tends to put in some amazing exceptional offensive and defensive performances that are a major factor in the sides victory. People believe, that a member of the losing team cannot match that.  2015 showed something else.

LeBron James, considered one of the greatest players did not disappoint the Basketball world with his performances. Even, those not supporting him must have been impressed. He averaged 35.8 points, 13.3 rebounds and 8.8 assists per game throughout the series. He would have also made a well-deserved Finals MVP recipient.

He was the Cavalier leader and led them from the front. 2 of the Cavaliers “big three”, Kevin Love (Dislocated Shoulder, Game 3 of Round 1) and Kyrie Irving (Shattered Kneecap, Game 1 of the Finals), were not there to support him. However, can the performances of Regular Season MVP, Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala who both, played major roles in the Warriors comeback, when they were 2-1 down during the series.

Iguodala is now the 3rd lowest scoring Finals MVP in the history of the NBA. He finished with 16.3 points a game. However, he offered lot of choices on the offense, being an effective play maker, a finisher, mid range jump shots and creating trouble for the Cavalier defence. However, he was very effective when defending against LeBron James, who shot 38% with Iguodala on him.


The Presenter of the Finals MVP, Adam Silver said “All the players did splendidly, but only one of them gets this”. An Ecstatic Iguodala came to the centre to receive his well deserved accolade.  He dedicatted this award to his son and his teammates, especially to regular season MVP, Steph Curry.

In the end,
It could have been Curry or Iguodala or any other player from either team that stepped up. It was however, equally well deserved by LeBron James.


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