“I Don’t Play Defense Half the Time” : Stephen Curry Talks About His Iconic Ankle Breaker Move on Chris Paul in a Hilarious Instagram Live Session

By 2 months ago

Stephen Curry and Chris Paul recalled their point guard rivalry during a live session on Instagram on Tuesday.

In 2015, Curry managed one of the most famous ankle breakers on Paul who was then playing for Los Angeles Clippers. Paul was on the floor as he saw Curry make space with his skills and convert his shot. Five years later, on Tuesday, Paul admitted Curry had got the better of him at that moment.

Chris Paul was like a mentor to Stephen Curry

The 2015 game was not the only occasion when Curry and Paul competed against each other. CP-3 was one of the best guards around when Stephen Curry entered the NBA. As Curry rose through the ranks, a rivalry was naturally created between the two. However, Curry saw Paul as his mentor especially early in his career.

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“He was a great mentor when it came to understanding how a guy on his level prepared over the summer for an NBA season,” Curry said of Paul in 2018. “How disciplined he was, his work ethic, and I got to see that firsthand after summer league through the beginning of the season. And obviously, we got a Carolina connection.”

Curry had the chance to work with Paul when the Golden State Warriors picked him with the seventh overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft. Curry has, since then, moulded himself into one of the best players in the league with three Championships to his name.

“He demonstrated firsthand what it takes to be great in this league, and it was a nice little eye-opener for me that summer. Work out with him, compete against him and take that confidence I had into my rookie year [to] get off on a good foot,” Curry had said.

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