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“Everybody Says They’ve Been Working Out”: Stephen Curry Calls Out Bluff of Athletes Sitting at Home

“Everybody Says They’ve Been Working Out”: Stephen Curry Calls Out Bluff of Athletes Sitting at Home

Working out when you have matchups scheduled with trainers looking after you is probably easy. However, the real challenge is keeping yourself fit and motivated while working out at home. NBA players currently seem to be facing this exact problem regardless of what they say, according to Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry calls out his colleagues

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry recently went live on Instagram. As Steph took over his brother Seth Curry‘s IG, he played league trivia with a few NBA players.


Stephen Curry


Apart from Seth himself, Warriors guard Damion Lee, Kings guard Kent Bazemore, Orlando Magic center Mo Bamba, San Antonio Spurs guard Patty Mills, and Los Angeles Lakers center JaVale McGee were some of Steph’s guests.

One by one, as his guests came, hilariously, almost everyone mentioned that they were working out at home as they practiced social distancing.

Later, the two-time MVP joked that players seemed to be afraid that their trainers were watching. He observed that the first thing most of his guests said was that they were working out.

Empathizing with their situations, Curry said, “I woulda said the same thing.”


Curry responds to “Look at Curry man” meme

A meme came out earlier this year where YouTuber Flightreacts reacted to Stephen Curry’s highlights. He has a series where he breaks down NBA games and player performances.

In the video, the YouTuber was reacting to a compilation where he merely stated “Look at Curry, man!” for the entire duration of the video. He may not have done it on purpose, it just seemed to be his reaction to every great Curry move.



It went viral, but Steph never acknowledged it until now.

In the same IG live, as Curry was reading the comments he came across a fan commenting “Look at Curry man”. Curry read it and responded, ” Yeah look at Curry man, just tryna do great things in the world, you know what I’m saying?” and laughed.

His acknowledgment seems to have made his followers happy, proof of which was the amount of hearts on his page after he finishes the jest.

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