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WATCH: James Harden Passes to a Teammate Who’s Not in the Game

WATCH: James Harden Passes to a Teammate Who’s Not in the Game

James Harden of Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets guard James Harden moved to fifth in the list of all-time three-point field goals scored during a thrilling game against Boston Celtics on Saturday. He surpassed Jason Terry in a list topped by Boston Celtics legend Ray Allen with 2973 three-pointers. Other players above Harden are Reggie Miller (2,560), Steph Curry (2,492), and Kyle Korver (2,428).

In a game where Harden reached another milestone and ended up on the winning side, he also had a few forgettable moments, Most notable was when he passed the ball to Russell Westbrook. It looked like a normal pass except that Westbrook was not in the game.

Harden accidentally passed the ball to Westbrook who was standing outside the court.

James Harden and Russell Westbrook: a partnership working well for Houston Rockets

When Westbrook made a sensational switch to the Rockets last summer, many started thinking whether he would get along with James Harden as a fellow guard. After a slow start, the duo have started to lead the Rockets together.

While it was Harden that was dominating at the start of the season, Westbrook’s numbers have overshadowed that of Harden’s in recent times.

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