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Kevin Durant Names LeBron James & Kawhi Leonard among the Toughest Players to Guard

Kevin Durant Names LeBron James & Kawhi Leonard among the Toughest Players to Guard

Two-time NBA Champion Kevin Durant has named five players that he felt are hardest to guard.

The 31-year old was interacting with the fans in a question and answer session through the Twitter handle of The Boardroom. To question from a Twitter user who asked the players that Durant found hard to guard, he had LeBron James as one of the obvious choices.

Over his 17 years in NBA, LeBron has established himself as one of the all-time greats and it shouldn’t be a surprise when someone calls him a tough opponent. Durant has come up against LeBron in a play-off series finals. He also came up against Kawhi Leonard during the 2018-19 NBA finals whom he named as another tough opponent along with Leonard’s current teammate Paul George

The two other players that Kevin Durant named were Philadelphia 76ers centre Joel Embiid and Los Angeles Clippers guard Lou Williams.

Kevin Durant irritated with his slow rehabilitation

Durant suffered an Achilles injury during the Game 5 of last season’s NBA finals. After over six months, he is still a fair way away from recovery. When one of the fans asked him about his injury, Durant admitted that it was grinding and he does miss playing.

“Just the everyday grind, some days I get irritated by how slow the process is, some days I miss playing, some days I want to do more than I’m allowed. Then there’s the physical side, lifting weights and getting used to movement after 6 months off,” a tweet read.

Brooklyn Nets signed him during the pre-season despite the fact that he would be injured for almost the whole season. The Nets have also signed Kyrie Irving with bigger ambitions in future. Irving, according to his new All-Star teammate, was the best healthy point guard in the league.

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