Kevin Garnett Reveals the Time When He Wanted to Team up With Kobe Bryant

February 20, 2020 12:58 pm

A blockbuster trade move in 2007 sawn Kevin Garnett move to Boston Celtics after 12 seasons with Minnesota Timberwolves. In his first season, he won the Championship with the Celtics and finished third in the MVP race. He also won the Defensive Player of the Year.

A successful six-year stint with Celtics made him a legend in Boston. Not long back, the Celtics retired Garnett’s No. 5 jersey.

Garnett’s move to the Celtics proved to be a fruitful one. However, looking back at the trade in 2007, it was not exactly what Garnett wanted. Talking in the All The Smoke Podcast recently, Garnett revealed that he had quite a few options and he wanted to team up with Kobe Bryant.

“I’m just being honest with everybody, I wanted to link with Kob (Kobe Bryant),” Garnett said. “Kob’ and I had a different connect. When Kob’ and Shaq went on their little thing, a lot of people went with Shaq. I’m one of the very few that just stayed with him (Bryant).

Danny Ainge convinced Kevin Garnett for a Boston Celtics move

When Garnett failed to get anywhere in his attempt to a move to the Lakers, Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge convinced him to come to Boston.

“Well, I tried to link with him, and I couldn’t get him on the line.  “So, I had to make a decision coming down,” Garnett said.

“Danny Ainge flew in and he just got right to it, showed the vision. You ever have somebody talk to you and as they’re talking to you, you can see what they’re seeing? That’s how he (Ainge) was painting it. He was a Picasso.”

“And this is Danny Ainge’s greatness, him being able to lure you in. His charming (expletive). “So, I just sat on it and like, ‘No, I’m going to Beantown,’” Garnett added.

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