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Kobe Bryant: Fan Shares Incidents Highlighting the Legend’s Kindness

Kobe Bryant: Fan Shares Incidents Highlighting the Legend’s Kindness

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Four days after the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, tributes and stories of his helping nature keep pouring in. Bryant died in a helicopter crash on 26 January 2020 along with his daughter Gianna and seven others.

Fans made a memorial outside of Bryant’s house to pay their respects, and many posted incidents from the past where Kobe Bryant showed his absolute humble nature towards people in need.

One such incident was posted by a fan, soon after the news of the legend’s demise broke out.

Kobe Bryant: The Helping Hand

Kobe Bryant stopped to help the people involved in a high-speed car accident he witnessed in 2018.

Bryant’s death resurfaced a story from 15 months ago when he rushed to provide whatever assistance he could when he saw a car crash into another at 65 mph in the Newport Beach Area in California.
Ryan Williams, one of the survivors of the crash shared his experience through a twitter thread.
Kobe witnessed someone crash into me at 65mph. He ran to my car. He helped. Most of all, he was kind. A week later, he saw me and my family at Starbucks. He told my wife how lucky I was to be alive”, Ryan said.
From that time on, whenever we’d see him in Newport Coast, he continued to be kind. A fist bump to my son…a high five to my daughter…a word of wisdom to me.“, he said, recalling the legend’s kindness.
 Recalling another incident where Kobe sprang into action in response to another accident.
A month ago, we witnessed another accident in the neighbourhood. Kobe consoled each and every person on the scene, especially the kids. He was kind to them like he was kind to me.”

Kobe Bryant’s Impact:

When talking about Bryant and the impact he has on the people around him, Ryan said,
I will remember him for being legendary on the court. But more than anything, I will remember him for being kind…to me, to my family and to so many friends in our community. He was driven beyond measure and that drive didn’t stop on the court.
Kobe was a legend of a human. Today’s new is absolutely devastating. My heart and prayers go out to the whole Bryant family, everyone at Kobe Inc. and all the others involved in this unthinkable tragedy.”
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