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Kyrie Irving Gives Reference of Martin Luther King Jr While Hitting Back at His Critics

Kyrie Irving Gives Reference of Martin Luther King Jr While Hitting Back at His Critics

Kyrie Irving playing for Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets played against the Philadelphia 76ers on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Kyrie Irving, however, missed the match with an injured shoulder and hamstring. When asked, he had a few very emotional things to say. One may conclude that the 27 years old player is aware of the African American community’s struggles and everything MLK did for it.

Kyrie Irving Talks

Irving was criticized during his Injury leaves. When Kendrick Perkins accused him of faking his injuries so he would not have to return to the Boston Celtics. Irving said,

“When I was out for those seven weeks and not saying anything and still people are still saying things about me. It’s inevitable. They crucified Martin Luther King for speaking about peace and social integration. You can go back to historical leaders and great people in society that do great things, and they’re still going to talk s—about them. It is what it is.” 

Here, he may not be implying a direct comparison of himself to MLK. He implies that people of a higher level are attacked too. The latter is more believable since the Nets’ star player has previously compared himself to Julius Erving. Here he implied that he would be the one leading the Nets to a victory.

“It’s not a coincidence that the last time the Nets won a title, they were led by Julius Erving,” Irving said, referencing the two ABA titles Hall of Famer Julius Erving won with the then-New York Nets in 1974 and 1976. “And now, we have another Irving. I’m just saying.”

Where the Nets stand

Ironically enough, the Nets have lost the last six matches they have played. Five out of the six, are losses in double digits. The team is currently in the eighth and the final playoff spot at the East Conference.

Kyrie Irving has only played 14 games this season and has been sidelined for 26 games. Since he returned to the lineup, the Nets are 1-2. They are 18-22 overall in the season. It would take an MLK level miracle for the Nets and for Irving to move up on the ladder in the playoffs, or at least, hold their position.

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