Kawhi Leonard: All That We Know About His Girlfriend Kishele Shipley

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Kawhi Leonard, a superstar on a basketball court, is known to be more on the simpler side off it. He is public about very few things in his life. He likes to keep things to himself so much that many actually confuse his girlfriend to be his wife. In an era where superstars around the world boast about their partners, especially on the social media platforms, Leonard seeks to be a little different. He is rarely seen on social media platforms. He is known to be in a relationship from 2014. Both Kawhi Leonard’s girlfriend Kishele Shipley and Leonard himself, share very little on public platforms, which differentiates him from other NBA players of his popularity. His presence on social media is felt by a fan page of Leonard, managed by his sister.

Who is Kishele Shipley?

Kishele was born in San Diego, California on April 10, 1989. She is the second daughter of the Shipley couple – Kenneth and Cathy Marie. According to Express, she has two siblings – an older sister, Kenisha, and a younger sister, Kasandra.

Shipley, like Leonard, is an alumnus of San Diego State University. It is believed that the couple met during their time at the university. Kishele Shipley graduated with a degree in public administration.

As mentioned earlier, both Shipley and Leonard like to keep a low profile, and hence a very little is known about the couple. There hasn’t been any official news on the couple being engaged. Many believe it might happen soon, although there is nothing unequivocal about it.

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The couple also has one daughter together – Kaliyah Leonard – who was born in 2016.

The Shipleys are understood to be extremely fond of the NBA superstar. Leonard, who has moved to Los Angeles Clippers prior to the 2019-20 season, is a two time NBA champion and also a finals MVP on both the occasions. Shipley and her family have been spotted supporting Leonard in the stands and have also shared excitement about the many achievements of the Leonard.

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