LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal Show How Everyone Should Be Spending Time With Family in Quarantine

By 2 months ago

All NBA players look serious on the court. However, now that they are forced to be indoors, we are witnessing how cool they really are. From their newly updated social media presence, we conclude that LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal are the coolest father in the NBA.

Shaquille O’Neal uses his multiple talents to have fun with his kids

Shaq was always the big hunk of the NBA. However, at home, he seems to be that dad who the kids will go to when they need some serious entertainment. He organizes in house concerts and learns TikTok dances for his kids. What else could teen kids ask for?

The former Lakers star is deeply involved with his kids Shareef and Shaqir O’Neal along with stepson Myles O’Neal and nephew Gregory Jordan. He always tries to be there for his children by doing whatever they are into.

Recently, the O’Neal household hosted Day 3 of the ‘Cribchella’ festival. It is like your usual Coachella festival, only at the O’Neal crib. Shaq proceeded to be the host. He introduced Shareef as if he were a musical guest.

Shareef plays the part of a Coachella musical artist well. We mean, he has the get up at least.

All the boys then go crazy with the music, with Shaq’s nephew Gregory Jordan removing his shirt as the music gets crazier. He seems to do that a lot as we witnessed the same during Shaq’s kitchen concert.

Shaq also posted a video that started off to be very serious. Shareef and Shaqir stay in character however, Shaquille just cannot. He ends up being overdramatic and ruining the feel of the song. Or maybe that is what they were going for.

Shariq’s TikTok handle also featured a video where the O’Neals and a friend made get really foolish. One can really see Shaq’s goofy side here.

LeBron James doesn’t fall short either

Current Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James looks like he isn’t going to fall short anywhere, be it the court or his house.

As we have been observing, LeBron is getting more and more into TikTok videos too. He has mostly not made a single video featuring just him. It usually has his sons or the entire family.

Recently, his son Bronny James made a video with a rather trending party filter. This same filter has been used by Kyle Kuzma and Ja Morant. Bronny made a dance video with the filter.

Then, LeBron decided to outdo his son with the same filter. He put his own twist to it by acting as if someone was asking him to dance and he was shy. Then he bursts out his moves.

He posted this video on Instagram with the caption, ‘I promise there was only 9 other people here at this party last night! 10 if you include me in which I was forced to kick it! So why not then! 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. #JamesGang👑 #QuarentinedFiles

The MVP race is nowhere in sight anytime soon, but if there were a competition for the coolest dads, Shaq and LeBron would definitely be the ones in the top 2.

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