Billionaire Michael Jordan’s $61 Million Arrival in Talladega Saw Unusual Absence of Wife Yvette Prieto

Published 04/22/2024, 10:06 AM EDT

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Sunday was 23XI Racing’s sixth Cup win. But it was the first with Michael Jordan on the track. “I’m all in,” he said while sharing his excitement. He was so happy with his driver Tyler Reddick’s performance that he even scooped up Reddick’s 4-year-old son in his arms while celebrating. However, people noticed that MJ’s wife Yvette Prieto, who accompanies him to races, was missing.

He arrived at Talladega via his private jet Gulfstream G550. He purchased it eight years ago, and it is worth $61 Million. But Yvette Prieto, who is generally seen by Jordan’s side, was missing at the arrival scene. While the reason behind her absence is not known, Jordan did not forget to wave to his wife and children at home during a victory lane interview. “This to me is like an NBA playoff game, I am so ecstatic… To my wife and my kids and everybody: Yeah we did it! I’m sorry I left you home,” he said.

“It means so much to me and for the effort this team has done,” he said. “Look, I’m all in. I love it.” He lauded the competitiveness and stated how he was living the competitive spirit vicariously through his drivers as a retired athlete.


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Remember MJ and Prieto’s June 2023 date night in Nashville? It was Ally 400 at Nashville Superspeedway. The party was a NASCAR event and the couple only increased the star power there. So NASCAR fans are used to seeing Prieto with Michael Jordan and hence, her absence, especially after a big win, dampened the celebration a bit.


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Regardless, a comprehensive review of Jordan’s visit can be seen in the ‘Aviate Alabama’ YouTube video. The episode, “Michael Jordan Lands in Talladega Ahead of Race,” provides an insight into the lavish way of life of one of the richest athletes in the world. He is a living legend due to his unparalleled basketball talent in the 1990s and leads an opulent lifestyle. And his private jet is one such example.

Michael Jordan’s $61 Million Gulfstream G550

Michael Jordan’s aircraft, registration N236MJ, is unique. Although most aircraft registration numbers don’t attract much notice, this one does. The “N23” is his jersey number from his playing days. The “six” denotes the value of the NBA championship crowns he earned. And, of course, MJ refers to his initials.


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Jordan’s Gulfstream G550 is a modern aviation wonder, complete with an array of extravagant amenities customized to suit his style. The jet is luxe with its fully stocked bar and cigar station and has soft leather recliner seats, a comfortable bedroom, and a private bathroom. Its interior has exquisite furnishings and state-of-the-art entertainment systems for a lavish flying experience. In addition, the outside features an exclusive elephant print in shades of grey, white, and black that pays homage to Michael Jordan’s popular Air Jordan sneakers.

The aircraft was also modified so that it could fly for 12 hours straight without the need for refueling. It can accommodate about 14-19 passengers. However, Michael Jordan isn’t the only famous athlete who enjoys a Gulfstream aircraft. Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo had a Gulfstream worth $65.5 million but decided to sell it.


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