Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal Get Revenge on Kendrick Perkins as TNT Co-Hosts Relishes in Hilarious Live TV Battle

Published 04/24/2024, 2:23 AM EDT

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Kendrick Perkins better steer clear of Studio J. His rival analysts are taking every chance to give him a bashing. After their hilarious back and forth that Perk started, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, and the entire force of TNT have combined to terrorize the ESPN analyst. If you thought this would be the end of the war of the analysts, Perk responded with a threat. All this over the Knicks.

TNT devised a series of fitness and conditioning challenges for Chuck and Shaq to get into playoffs mode. The highlight was the end, where Chuck got to punch the image of Kendrick Perkins on a sandbag. He called him a “roach” while he was at it because Perk apparently thinks Chuck and Shaq spent their days at TNT killing roaches. Barkley didn’t even need extra motivation Shaq was ready to provide with the old water gun method.

Perkins already proved he watches it all. And he saw this. He was on X with a veiled threat to the Round Mound of Rebound. “Hey @NBAonTNT tell Chuck he ain’t ready to get his feet hot with me,” he wrote.


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If you’re missing background, Perkins accused Shaq and Chuck of lazy analysis. He claimed they don’t give the Knicks credit because they don’t watch the games. Like possessed by Michael Jordan, the TNT duo took it very personally.


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Shaq retaliated with back-to-back jabs, touching on Perk’s lack of hall-of-fame status and giving his ‘Tragic Brunson’ era the Shaqtin a Fool treatment. Perkins declared war over that. TNT also jumped in by throwing it back to when Blake Griffin posterized Perkins. And then Chuck spoke up.

Charles Barkley fires back

Sir Charles is a newbie to Instagram and he was not eager to jump into a social media diss war like Shaq is. He instead called out Perkins’ audacity on TNT by taking out his 5 PPG average throughout his NBA career as opposed to Chuck’s 21 PPG.


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TNT also gave him the opportunity to vent through this fitness challenge. Other than Barkley’s punches, the Perk photograph was subjected to verbal lashings like, “Hey Roach, you better quit,” and, “leave us alone, Roach,” and Shaq’s water gun squirts. Shaq went roach-killing too and punched Sandbag Perkins so hard he lost the lens of his glasses. He had so much fun punching Perk, Barkley even took some snaps for his ‘Gram.

TNT noticed and retweeted Perk’s threat. He might be thinking Chuck is easy pickings seeing how winded he was at the end of that fitness course. But Big Diesel is still in the picture. So he better tread lightly there.


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