Despite Earning $0 in New Career Gig, Shaquille O’Neal’s Forgotten Talent Gets Unmasked by LA Rap Group

Published 09/03/2023, 9:10 AM EDT

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The Big Aristotle has focused heavily on his music career since his retirement. He is making waves as a DJ and is currently touring across the United States. But this is not everything the Diesel can do. Shaquille O’Neal was known for something special in his playing days. It dates all the way back to the 1990s when it first came into the limelight.

Famously known as Shaq Diesel, his artist name, the 7-footer has come back with a bang in the music world. But this time, lyrically.

Bow down to the lyricism of Shaquille O’Neal


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The LA-based rap duo, Coyote, recently announced the featuring of the Los Angeles Lakers legend in their new song. The fans are ready for DJ Diesel to get back behind the mic and show people his talent. In a recently featured song called 3 Lokos, which means 3 places, Shaq gave us a reminder of what he is capable of.

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Shaquille O’Neal is better than people give him credit for when it comes to rapping. People often forget how talented he is at lyricism and writing his bars.  Shaq dished out 32 bars on a hardcore beat and has mesmerized both the fans and the rap group.


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The group has nothing but praise for the big man, and they even said that Shaq is better than 90% of rappers out there right now.


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The rapper duo shared in an interview that it only took Shaq hours to come up with it. The four-time champ face-timed them 4 hours after he got the beat and showed them his verse. Truly a revival of his hidden talents. What’s also interesting is O’Neal’s reason for pursuing music.

Shaq’s passion for music and meeting Coyote

Shaq is a major fan of rap and hip-hop. Even after losing money, his passion for hip-hop is what has made him get into creating music.


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Shaq has not made any money from making songs but he has mentioned in an interview that he has lost money by doing shows. But he still does it because of his passion and he wants to give the people a good time.

Shaq has been making music under his own name and it started as early as he got in the NBA. In the 90s Shaq released four albums and it featured various artists from the industry. Shaq is not new to collaborating with talented individuals and with people that he likes.

The easiest way to explain his latest collab is fate. Coyote used to upload their music onto Instagram, and Shaq randomly saw it. Shaq saw them freestyling, and he loved it.


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Their videos impressed him so much that he started sharing them in his stories. And a few months later, here we are!

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