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Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are proud parents of 5 children. They have been together for 15+ years and have seen a lot of ups and downs. During a recent appearance at Met Gala the Miami Heat legend revealed the secret to their marriage. “We’ve been together for 15 plus years, and we’ve seen different versions of each other, and continue to choose each other and love each other through all those versions is a tough thing to do. But when you’re able to see the flower that you planted, you’re able to see it grow in the garden.”

Wade and Union are proud parents of 5 children and have always supported them through their journey. On the recent episode of the Why with Dwyane Wade Podcast, Wade revealed how a mother came up to him for her son’s career advice.

The conflict was that the mother wanted her son to study and focus on becoming a lawyer. However, the young one was interested in sports specifically basketball, and wanted to play in the NBA. The mother had only one request: that Dwyane Wade should explain to her son the importance of school. After listening to this Wade realized, “I’m sitting there like yeah like okay like the kid may feel like you don’t believe in his dreams.


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The 42-year-old realized the tough situation he was in and proceeded to explain to the mother the importance of sports. “I said well what sport teaches you mom is all the things that he’s going to need in life.” Explaining how playing sports will help the kid understand empathy, teamwork, and communicating with people that are from different walks of life. Wade was good at advising the mother, so he must be good with moms. So how did he celebrate Mother’s Day?

Dwyane Wade paying tribute on mothers Day

Gabrielle Union posted on Instagram and celebrated with the caption “There’s no greater hood than motherhood if you ask me! Having the privilege to play a part in these young lives that surround me has humbled and enlightened me in ways words cannot explain. Sometimes I ask myself, “How did I get so lucky?””

Dwyane Wade himself wasn’t far behind as like every year tradition he celebrated Mother’s Day. He wrote Each photo and video represents my perfect ‘Idea Of You’ I love to see you happy! Happy Mother’s Day Mrs. Wade. I love you.

That’s how the adorable couple celebrated Mother’s Day, with constant love and support. Similar to the advice Wade gave to mom and son, “When you’re trying to talk to him about playing sports, how about you push him to play sports to get the best out of the sport? And even if he isn’t the best athlete, he’s going to walk away with all the tools that he needs to be successful you know in life.