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Bol Bol is proving Shaq right in magnificent ways. He was part of the rotation in the second quarter in the Phoenix Suns game against the Portland Trail Blazers. As Shaquille O’Neal keeps harping that he’s a formidable big man, Bol Bol came through during his first game of 2024, leaving everyone watching astounded. In 2023, Bol Bol’s stat sheet was scarce, with an average 2.3 MPG in the season so far. It wasn’t enough to compare him to Victor Wembanyama, who Shaq equated Bol Bol to.

He saw more minutes today, and he made full use of it. It’s prompting fans to see the light in Shaq’s relentless campaign to give Bol Bol the respect and minutes he deserves.

Bol Bol makes Shaq’s case


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Shaquille O’Neal flaunted undoubtable evidence to prove that Bol Bol is worthy of hype as much as Victor Wembanyama. Bol Bol started 2024 right with his play against the Blazers. He ran the distance and made a eurostep dunk in transition, all in quick succession.

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Shaq shared the Reel of Bol Bol’s impressive dunk on his Instagram Stories. The original post contained the line, “Bol on the break!” and carried the caption, “@bolbol in transition!” with the eyeball emoji.

O’Neal didn’t add a caption of his own. But the implied ‘I told you so’ was loud.

Phoenix ended the game with an impressive 109 to Portland’s 88 before their home crowd in the Footprint Center. Bol Bol has gone past being the player with the least minutes this season. He scored 11 points, 1 assist, and 9 rebounds in the 20 minutes he played today.


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Bol entered the second quarter with the Durant-less Suns behind 29-20 to Portland. He got a rebound before the transition slam, bringing Phoenix within three. The Suns only went forward from there. He made a three-pointer for the first time this season too.

His defensive ability had viewers on their feet. By the time he returned to the bench, he flipped the score, and the Suns were leading 44-28.

Shaq’s campaign sees results

Bol Bol made fans get on board Shaq’s train of thought with his game today. They see he’s comparable to Victor Wembanyama and the only difference is the minutes played.


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Someone commented, “They swear Bol Bol & wemby different but the only difference I see is minutes.” There were similar calls to, “Bro give bol more minutes please.” Those who didn’t see what Shaq was talking about till now were understandably shocked by Bol Bol and said, “he has that in his bag??”

Bol saw only 21.3 MPG last season and was down to single digits this season. Shaq insists better player development will make him comparable to Wemby and others. “More minutes to him and he will be the same as Chet & Wemby,” someone agreed with Shaq.

Others predicted Shaq’s doing a victory dance after Bol Bol’s play. “Shaq like , look see,” someone commented after O’Neal shared the clip on his stories.


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An Instagram user believes, “shaq going crazy rn.” And rightfully so. Big Diesel enjoys being right.

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