$50 Million Richer Than Ryan Reynolds, Shaquille O’Neal’s Boastful Attitude Triggers Bizarre Confession: “Shaq Can Move Those…”

Published 10/22/2023, 6:30 AM EDT

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If you’re the type to not switch out of the commercial break, chances are you’ll see three celebrities for sure – Ryan Reynolds, Terry Crews, and Shaquille O’Neal. With matching wit, entertaining chops, and superstar qualities, these three are the spokesperson to feature in an ad. A big dilemma for fans is picking who is the biggest commercial draw between Big Diesel and Deadpool. This is where Shaq steps in.

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Stop the arguing, turn it off, the debate is settled. Shaquille O’Neal has named the spokesperson GOAT.

Shaquille O’Neal calls the endorsement race


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It’s not an understatement that Shaquille O’Neal is everywhere. But so are Ryan Reynolds and Terry Crews. But the two actors are up against a formerly dominant center who takes competition very seriously. On a recent interview, Big Diesel in his authentic style, declared the two endorsement stars aren’t competition.

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‘Etalk’ hosted Shaq to talk about his new role as the president of Reebok’s basketball division. He’s made a big leap from spokesperson to signing other athletes as spokesmodels. Given his long history of endorsements, the show asked him “Who is the goat of endorsements?” between him, Reynolds, and Crews. ” The Los Angeles Lakers titan in his Shaq for president 2024 t-shirt didn’t have to contemplate over it.


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To answer your question, me.” O’Neal, whose endorsement career began in 1992 along with his NBA career, further added. “I paved the way for both of those guys, especially Terry.”

There’s no heat in his jab. O’Neal was once starstruck in an encounter with Ryan Reynolds. Terry Crews was the unfortunate opponent of the four-time champion in the Cheeze-it Munch Mania celebrity basketball game in 2016. Expectedly, O’Neal mercilessly dunked on Crews in this promotion event.

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This time, Shaq takes credit for Terry’s signature party trick. “You know that’s all Terry does,” he said while demonstrating how Crews flexes his pectoral muscles. “But see Terry ain’t the only one that can move those b**bies! The Shaq can move those b**bies too, baby.” He made sure to demonstrate that too.


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This surreal claim prompted the show to issue a warning in the caption too. “Look out @vancityreynolds and @terrycrews! Shaq has cast his vote for the GOAT of endorsements!” Reynolds and Crews should feel threatened since Shaq has upped the endorsement game.


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Shaq is now a commercial-maker

Terry Crews went from the NFL to acting stardom. Ryan Reynolds doesn’t intend to expand into making movies though he’s a producer and entrepreneur. Their resumes pale in front of actor, rapper, DJ, producer, investor, restauranteur, multi-hyphenate Shaquille O’Neal. And now he has another title in his expansive career.

Shaq made his directorial debut with a series of commercials for Icy Hot’s new pain relief product designed for kids. Calling himself a “big kid,” he turned into a bobblehead version of himself in an ad campaign he made.


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It’s for creativity like this that Shaq gets to rightfully call himself the GOAT of endorsements. Who would you pick among these commercial titans?



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