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In October 2022, the world learned about Nate Robinson‘s renal kidney failure diagnosis. He revealed his battles with the disease for the past 4 years and only shared them so other people could take strength from his story. But now, the situation has gotten worse, and Jamal Crawford took to his X account to quote a tweet from Legion Hoops. Urging and praying for Robinson, he wrote, “We have to get our brother a kidney ASAP.”

Legion Hoops reported, “Nate Robinson admits he ‘doesn’t have long to live’ if he doesn’t get a kidney replacement, ” speaking about Robinson’s over-a-decade-long battle with his kidney. Additionally, revelations were made that he would only survive a week or two without the dialysis machine.

Robinson spoke to Daily Mail on the matter, explaining,  “I know that I don’t have long if I can’t get a kidney,” Since his diagnosis, he has been suffering from daily pain. The conditions have also gotten worse and because of this, he not only has to frequently visit but to be there under observation for a few days.

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Nate Robinson opens up on the life-threatening battle

Expressing about the dialysis machine has helped him live longer and without that, he only would probably have one or two weeks to survive. The process is excruciating as he goes through the process 3 days a week for 4 hours. “The [dialysis] machine has been helping my longevity and my life right now. So I’m just enjoying the times where I do feel healthy. I try to get out there with my kids, see my family and play basketball, do the things that I love.” He spoke to the Daily Mail. 

It was 2006 when he was told about the kidney issue due to blood pressure. He was informed that in the future there are chances of kidney failure. Yet he took that decision and rocked the NBA world. The point guard amassed 6,807 points in his NBA career also winning the NBA Slam Dunk contest 3 times.  Back to back in 2009-10.

I don’t take it for granted,’ he said. I just stay as humble as I can, and I just thank God for every opportunity… every day is a blessing to be alive and to be able to do what I do every day. Because some people, they go in for kidneys, go into the hospital, and they never come out.’

Even know he is strong as before and is fighting hard every day to make more memories with his family.

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