“Gil Is Spittin Tho!”: Days After NBA World’s Uproar Over Noah Lyles Comment, Fans Join Gilbert Arenas to Question “Weak” Plans

Published 09/03/2023, 10:08 PM EDT

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Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas recently made some criticizing comments towards Team USA which took part in the World Cup. This came after Noah Lyles made some controversial statements in his sport, track and field. Lyles is currently the fastest man in the world and shares a similar opinion with Arenas on the topic.

Gilbert Arenas uploaded a video on his official Twitter account. Arenas did not hold back while giving his unfiltered opinion on the matter. He captioned his Twitter video, “Team USA took that weak roster to the World Cup, and look what happened!”

Gilbert Arenas and his roster grades


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Arenas gave his unfiltered opinion of the Team USA that took part in the World Cup. He used grades like A, B, C, D, and even F to grade the team in tiers. Arenas explained that in his opinion, the current Team USA falls into the category of an ‘F’ group. He further compared the current team to what the United States typically brings to international competitions. He believes that the current roster lacks the star power that the teams in the past had.

He also expressed his opinion on ‘A’ players, where he said they were referring to players like Jimmy Butler and Jaylen Brown, who were the top-tier talents of the NBA. However, according to Arenas, there are no clear superstars.


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Arenas also said that having a player like Devin Booker, whom Gilbert rates as a ‘B’, is still not enough to match the level of the past teams. The NBA legend also said that Anthony Edwards is the only player that he would consider sending to a higher-skill tier.

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Noah Lyles is the US sprinter who is currently the fastest man in the world. He is the first man who win a sprint double since Usain Bolt in 2015. In a recent World Championship Lyles said: “World champion of what? The United States? Don’t get me wrong, I love the US, at times, but that ain’t the world.”

Kevin Durant spoke up in support of Noah Lyles saying, “Somebody help this brother,” on Instagram, responding to an ESPN post.

Fan reactions to Arenas’ video


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One fan humorously pointed out, “Why you wait for them to lose the first game to post this knowing they still going to the quarter finals.” It seems like this fan believes in the team’s potential to bounce back.

A fan can in the support of Arenas, saying, “Gil is spittin tho!” This fan seems to be very convinced with Anrenas’ overview of the Championship. Another fan can be seen agreeing with Arenas saying, “I got to admit, the line up, caught me a little off.”

In a funny comment, a user said, “Team USA should’ve sent the Denver Nuggets instead.” Lastly, there was a fan who took a playful jab at Gilbert Arenas himself, “If Jimmy’s a C talent. Gil has to be an F talent.”


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What do you think about Arenas’ view? Let us know in the comments below.

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