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$170 Million Rich Dwyane Wade’s Bizarre Wine Trick Leaves 28YO NBA Champion and More in Utter Disbelief

Published 09/23/2023, 6:30 AM EDT

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Wine has become something of a collective hobby with NBA players, with several going on to establish their own wine brands. One such former star is Dwyane Wade, who has been in the wine industry for nine years with his brand, 3 By Wade. According to the 3x NBA champion, wine is a passion of his and his favorite way to cool down in the summer. But the way he chooses to enjoy this beverage has his fans flabbergasted. 

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Not just the fans, but a former Los Angeles Lakers star was also shocked to see the Flash’s method.

A Surprising Take On The Classic Wine Cooler


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Dwyane Wade is an avid enjoyer of a wine cooler, though his take on it is a little unconventional. The ex-Miami Heat star has a unique way of savoring his glass of red wine, which he recently shared on Instagram in a reel that raised a lot of eyebrows, including those of 28-year-old Washington Wizards forward, Kyle Kuzma.

In the shared video, the $170 million rich Wade lifts a bottle of 2019 Napa Valley Cabernet out of a bucket of ice and gives a brief background on his brand and the weather in Los Angeles as he decants the contents of the chilled bottle into an extravagantly shaped decanter. He talks about the flavor profile of this particular Cabernet that he’d just uncorked, specifying that it must be set aside to breathe once out of its bottle, in order to bring out the “bold, dark and powerful” flavors.


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After some time has presumably passed, he tilts the decanter into a waiting glass, pouring himself a light drink. But this is where it gets strange: Wade grabs a few chunks of ice from the bucket that the bottle was cooling in, and drops them into the freshly poured glass of Cab, casually mentioning that he likes his drink cold.



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This peculiar action had the comment section in an uproar since the obvious consequence would be a watered-down wine as the ice melts in the glass.

Fans call “cap” Dwyane Wade’s method

2020 NBA champion Kyle Kuzma echoed the majority’s opinion when he commented, “Ice!?!?” in apparent disbelief. Other commenters shared their similar reactions: One said, “Ice on red wine… come on man,” seeming exasperated with the former NBA champion’s choice.

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Another recommended switching out the ice cubes for frozen steel cubes instead, as that would have achieved the cooling effect without compromising on the quality of the drink.

One fan wrote, “Nah, no regular ice in wine it dilutes the taste unless you’re going to guzzle it down quickly.. If you must have ice in your wine go with stainless steel ice cubes.” Another user decided to call cap, writing, “Ice in the wine is big cap.” However, some fans were kind to the 41-year-old.

That’s a dope decanter,” wrote a user while another commented, “Glad to know I’m not the only one who put ice in his wine lol.”  It is quite strange that a wine connoisseur and aficionado like Wade would commit such a faux pas, but in the clip, he seems calm and sure of himself, confessing that he regularly enjoys his wine in this manner.


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What do you think about Wade’s method of enjoying his wine? Would you try it? Or is it unacceptable? Let us know in the comments!

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