Allen Iverson is one of NBA’s most underrated point guards of all time. The former 2001 MVP took the league by storm after he got drafted as the number one pick in the 1996 NBA draft. His lethal dribbling moves and tough finishes at the rim solidified his position as the league’s top point guard.

In a recent interview, Allen Iverson unveils a ‘wild side’ of his before entering the NBA.

Young Allen Iverson’s prized possession before entering the NBA


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Allen Iverson is one of the inaugural inductees of ‘GQ Sports Style’ Hall of Fame. In a recent interview for ‘GQ Magazine’, the former NBA star reacts to the iconic looks that made him the style legend he is today.

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In an “early years” picture of him, he was sporting a white “GUESS” T-shirt with a gold ‘Herringbone Necklace’. After looking at the photo, a nostalgic Allen Iverson says, “That was actually probably one of my best outfits at that time because of the circumstances of what they were back then. I had to come with my best outfit knowing that “Sports Illustrated” was doing that so that (t-shirt) was ‘cream of the crop’ right there.”.

Allen Iverson then talks about the gold necklace, “The Herrington, some old dudes told me back then that if I scored 40 against our rival team, that they’d give me a Herringbone. During the game I remember I had 14 at the end of the 3rd quarter.”.

He further says, “I had a ways to go to get to 40. I looked over at them and they had it in the box. They lifted it up and let me see it. And once I saw it, it was over. I started going ‘crazy’ and ended up with 40-something. I would kill to have that chain right there but as I got older, that didn’t mean too much to me. Now looking back at it, I would like to have something like that now(as a reminder).


This ‘wild’ side of Allen Iverson really gives us a peek into his mind and his struggles in life. Nothing was handed to him, he always earned it. After entering the league, Allen Iverson quickly became a trailblazer for being the most stylish player on and off the court.

Allen Iverson’s confidence and style

His stylish clothes and diamond earrings and necklaces complimented his smooth but quick playing style as well. However, he faced a lot of issues because of his clothes. After the constant controversies that NBA players got involved in in the 2000’s,  the NBA was trying hard to change the public’s opinion about the NBA players from “dangerous” to legitimate professionals. So, the NBA issued an NBA dress code for all players, which was a suit and tie.


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However, Allen Iverson did not care. He continued to wear the clothes that he liked and paid the fines for the dress code violations. The NBA may not have appreciated Allen Iverson’s style back then, but he inspired thousands of people with his style and confidence. The 48-year-old Allen Iverson is still rocking the same style and confidence in his recent ‘GQ’ interview. After the host asks him at the beginning of the interview, “At what point did you feel comfortable showing the world who Allen Iverson was?

Allen Iverson immediately replies, “From day one. The easiest thing in this world is to be yourself. Everybody else be taken up. Why not be you? Why not be the person that god created? That’s a blessing.”. He further adds, “You know, if I died and came back, I would want to be Allen Iverson all over again.”.

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The former NBA superstar continues to be an inspiration to the current and future generations of basketball players across the world. What are your thoughts on Allen Iverson’s 40-point game for the Herringbone necklace? Let us know in the comments below!