Larsa Pippen Unveils Broken Promise With Michael Jordan’s Son After Abrupt ‘Traitors’ Exit

Published 01/15/2024, 12:32 AM EST

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Marcus Jordan got a taste of reality TV-grade betrayal. He came in on The Traitors with a target as big as the No.23 on Michael Jordan’s back. Going into the show, he had strategized plans with his girlfriend, Larsa Pippen, for every scenario. They even had a strategy for their elimination but things didn’t work the way their imagined.

We spoke about if one of us was to get murdered or banished, that we would stay at the hotel and wait for the other person. And that didn’t happen,” Pippen confessed in a post-show interview. The reason that didn’t happen is because, as of the latest episode, she’s still a contestant (called a Faithful) getting through the game. Meanwhile, Marcus was figuratively ‘murdered’ and eliminated from the game.

“But I also feel like we had a target on our back. Coming in as a couple really had people on edge. I don’t think they wanted to see us together,” she revealed further. However, they also knew that they were two different individuals on the show and would have to do their bit.


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Among the 22 contestants, LarCus made history in the show as the first couple to compete. They’ve both been a mix of sinister and collaborative for that $250,000 cash prize. Marcus and Larsa were the designated Faithfuls.

Dan Gheesling, Phaedra Parks, and Parvati Shallow were the Traitors threatened by Michael Jordan’s son. He accurately suspected Dan was the Traitor. But would Marcus eliminate Larsa if she was a Traitor? “I’m not going to eliminate my girl,” he said. But Larsa wouldn’t do the same for him. “I would have eliminated you,” she responded.

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The biggest threats to the Traitors – LarCus


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Marcus dragged himself to a hotel away from the Scottish castle where Larsa still is. She’s in no hurry to hold her end of the deal till she avenges her boyfriend’s elimination.

Marcus and Larsa posed a threat to everyone. As the only couple, they’re likely to not vote for each other in the banishment. Hence, breaking their alliance was a priority for the other contestants. However, Larsa’s odds for elimination were higher than Marcus whose ‘murder’ came as a shocker to other contestants.


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Pippen is utilizing all her RHOM-bred cutthroat panaches to make some people nervous. She’s still zoned in on Dan, who Marcus first suspected. However, her campaign to get him eliminated didn’t work. It was Marcus’ early ally, Maks Chmerkovskiy, another Faithful, who got banished.


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Larsa is holding her own without the Jordan charm on her side. What do you think are her odds of eliminating a Traitor or three?


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