Magic Johnson Celebrates First-Ever NCAA Milestone as the Final Four Prepares for 2024 Showdown

Published 04/02/2024, 8:47 PM EDT

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The Elite Eight this season had some of the most dramatic match-ups in NCAA history, and the viewership took a huge rise. Many NBA players have been following college basketball, but Los Angeles Lakers icon Magic Johnson has been closely analyzing all games throughout the season on X (formerly Twitter). Although his alma mater Michigan State University did not make it to the Final Four, Johnson is happy to see some historic events that are happening for the first time in the NCAA. 

The men’s and the women’s teams of the same university making it to the Final Four is a rather rare instance. Surprisingly this year, two universities have managed to do that. 5x champion Johnson wrote, “For the first time in NCAA tournament history, multiple schools have both their men’s and women’s teams in the Final Four in the same year! Congratulations to both UConn and NC State’s men’s and women’s basketball teams!”

UConn Huskies’ men’s basketball team demolished Illinois(77-52) and their women’s basketball team upset the University of South Carolina(80-73) in the Elite Eight. Similarly, NC State Wolfpack’s men found success against the famous Duke University(76-64) and the women’s team defeated the Texas Longhorns(76-66), to move to the Final Four. Do you think men’s and women’s teams of the same university can lift a title this year? 


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Also, another big question would be, when was the last time the two teams of the same university won a championship in the same season?


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Which NCAA team has won both men’s and women’s tournaments in the same season?

The UConn Huskies are the only team to achieve this historic feat in the NCAA. Notably, they have done it twice over the last three decades. The latest was in 2014. UConn’s men’s team defeated the Kentucky Wildcats 60-54, while the women’s team destroyed Notre Dame 79-58. Before 2014, the UConn Huskies did it for the first time in NCAA history in 2004.

The men’s and the women’s teams defeated Georgia Tech(82-73) and Tennessee(70-61) respectively, to lift the national championship in 2004.


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Connecticut has a shot at repeating this milestone for the third time. NC State Wolfpacks will be first-timers, but the third team to do it in NCAA history. What’s noteworthy is that these two teams might meet each other for the national championship game in both the men’s and women’s tournaments. Let’s see if history can repeat!


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