Marriage to “Bomb” Yvette Prieto Brought Drastic Change to Michael Jordan, Claimed Ex-Bulls Teammate (2022)

Published 03/08/2024, 1:20 PM EST

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Across the globe, basketball supporters have been fascinated with the daily activities of Michael Jordan, both on and off the court. Despite his fame for his remarkable brilliance on the court, his personal life—especially since he married Yvette Prieto—has dramatically been altered. The life-changing outcomes of his marriage are made public in a recent openness from a former buddy, revealing unique fresh angles on the rise of the basketball icon.

Yvette Prieto and Michael Jordan’s marriage, which is sometimes characterized as unusual, has generated curiosity and conjecture. Jordan’s relationship with Prieto, despite his early concerns, has marked a turning point in his life and manifested itself in a more real and approachable situation. In one episode of the Club Shay Shay podcast, former NBA player John Salley offered insightful analysis of Jordan’s marriage, highlighting the significant transformations it has brought about.

John Salley’s thoughts on Michael Jordan and his marriage


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In a conversation, John Salley provided fascinating details about Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto’s marriage, calling her “the bomb” and emphasizing how she encouraged Jordan to adopt a more conventional lifestyle. Salley’s analysis highlights how Prieto’s influence changed Jordan’s life, signaling a break from his prior public partnerships and a move toward a more stable lifestyle. The information provides a fresh viewpoint on Jordan’s journey and demonstrates the significant impact that love and friendship have on the lives of even the most well-known athletes in sports history.


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Additionally, the YouTube handle “Nicki Swift”, shared their thoughts in the episode, “Michael Jordan’s Marriage Is So Weird And Here’s Why”, where she stated, “While their relationship is unconventional, it hasn’t stopped them from bonding. In fact, his marriage to Prieto has resulted in the businessman seemingly becoming more down-to-earth. During a 2022 episode of the Club Shay podcast, ex-basketball player and friend of Jordan, John Salley, talked about the couple. ‘His new wife is the bomb, too. Her making him do normal things is dope, she’s good for him’.”


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Another bond, created on the court: Salley and Jordan

A traditional instance of the strong rivalry that dominated the NBA was the battle involving the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This tough rivalry connected John Salley, an important asset in the “Bad Boys” Pistons group, and undoubtedly the finest player on the Bulls, Michael Jordan, on opposite ends of the spectrum. However, when Salley played with the Bulls in 1995, destiny changed the direction of their friendship by establishing him as a colleague of Jordan.

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With the Bulls’ reputation for intense on-court rivalry, there was some doubt and apprehension when Salley first joined the team. But their bond underwent a striking metamorphosis as they adjusted to their new responsibilities as colleagues. Salley’s calm manner and experienced knowledge matched Jordan’s passion, creating a relationship based on respect and friendship. They proved that friendship could prevail over competitiveness in the realm of professional basketball by playing crucial roles in the Bulls’ achievements together.

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