Michael Jordan’s Son to Have a Reality Show Wedding? Despite Bulls Legend’s Silence, 32YO Marcus Spill the Beans on Impending Nuptials

Published 08/22/2023, 2:10 PM EDT

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It looks like it’s almost wedding bells in the Jordan family. Rumors are rife that Marcus Jordan is ready to propose to girlfriend, Larsa Pippen. It feels like only yesterday people were going crazy about their relationship rumors. But is the controversial couple really getting married? Michael Jordan‘s son is short of confirming that.

He fueled the rumors this week on their podcast, Separation Anxiety. Marcus and Larsa covered the engagement rumors and even if they would broadcast their wedding for all to see. What kind of wedding are Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen planning?

Marcus Jordan sets the record straight


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As if Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen’s romance wasn’t dramatic enough, things got crazier this week. The couple were seen out and about with Pippen sporting a blinding ring on her finger. Cue the engagement speculation.

They fueled the rumors this week on Separation Anxiety. They toyed with the idea of wedding venues and bridal parties. But they didn’t exactly confirm they’re really engaged. Nonetheless, Marcus heavily implied they’re getting there.


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Michael Jordan is noticeably silent on the issue. Possibly because people haven’t forgotten his public disapproval of their relationship. But Marcus said that’s not the case.

When rumors of the engagement surfaced, Marcus was contacted by various family members including his dad, Michael, and his mom, Yvette Prieto. He even had a conversation with his sister who wanted to know if the news is “legit.”

Those aren’t the only people who contacted Marcus. Even jewelers contacted him offering their designs. And Marcus is interested, “I think it’s the tagline of our wedding – ‘It’s in the works.'” 

Marcus and Larsa might let fans in on the wedding

The ring talk intrigued Larsa and she asked if her boyfriend knew what she likes. Marcus sounded confident that he knew her preferences better than her. Though they disagreed on that, they reiterated they’re getting closer to a wedding.


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The big question is, will we get to see their wedding? Pippen is a seasoned TV veteran on The Real Housewives of Miami and she might make it happen. As she said, Bravo asked if they would be willing to televise their wedding. Larsa had to clarify that they’re not currently engaged.

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They discussed how if they do get engaged, would they broadcast it on reality TV? Pippen instantly pointed out the drawback, “I don’t think your parents will come.” It sounds likely that Michael will sit out Marcus’ wedding if it’s going to be on TV.


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Marcus has a solution though. “A multi-day event,” he suggested. It just proves he’s giving this serious thought. He also added, “As we get closer, we’ll start narrowing down all of the options. But anything is on the table. It’s all in the works.”

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