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For someone like Dwyane Wade, accomplished in both athletics and business, we could assume that they are just the beginning. To see the quality of his efforts, look no further than the results. Through his recent project with his wife Gabrielle Union, he showcases his dedication to the new society.

Growing stronger together as a brand and taking on new opportunities, they also connected with their audience. In 2022, Wade and his wife introduced a new skincare brand, named ‘Proudly,’.

Fans React to Dwyane Wade’s Promotion of Proudly


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Gabrielle Union’s Instagram reel of her applying “Proudly” to Dwyane Wade’s shoulder and sharing a heartwarming kiss made their followers melt. A simple yet powerful moment that exemplifies the love and care at the core of this brand.

Fans had a positive response to the Miami Heat‘s Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union’s “Proudly” campaign on social media. Young and old alike extended their admiration via digital support.

On their social media pages, comments like “Man, I love y’all” and “This is what we need more of in the world” poured in.

Here are some more reactions to this reel:

“Ya look so damn good” 😍

If I touch it I kiss it! Loving on my Bae ❤️ so sweet you guys 😍

“I love how you’re looking at him and massaging him. I can feel the love !😍 Then again, you are great actress. Ahaha 🖤”

“Love this, ya’ll are so cute together ❤️”

Fans were left in awe after seeing this couple together sharing the moment, but for them Proudly is not only a brand.

Proudly: More Than Just a Skincare Brand

“Proudly,” by Dwyane Wade and his wife, Gabrielle Union, offers a refreshing contrast to the often superficial realm of celebrity endorsements and business partnerships. Underneath the shiny marketing and promotions lies a deeper, more personal connection to this collaboration.


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After the birth of their daughter Kaavia James Wade in 2018, Dwyane and Gabrielle took up the challenge of developing child-oriented skincare products tailored for kids with diverse pigments. The aim was not solely in the pursuit of profit, but to better the lives of young children and their families.

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The commitment to quality and safety distinguishes “Proudly.” Achieving the EWG verification from the Environmental Working Group shows that this brand takes an eco-friendly stance. This displays both their commitment to the well-being of children and their dedication towards a healthier planet.


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Fans feel proud to be part of the journey as Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union create a meaningful representation of love, inclusivity, and personal care products. Will you buy “Proudly” products for your baby? Comment and let us know.

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