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ESPN is broadcasting both the NBA and NHL Finals right now. Charles Barkley may have taken a wrong turn and ended up on the hockey side. And it was the best thing ever. The NBA Finals were on the back burner for a day because the Stanley Cup Game 2 was on and a basketball guy stopped by. Chuck was so entertaining, he made us forget that the Florida Panthers are up 2-0 over the Edmonton Oilers. Even outside the unscripted madness of the Emmy-winning Inside the NBA studio, without his co-hosts and outside his usual sport, this Emmy-winning, lovable analyst won over the entire NHL community in one appearance.

Right now, the fate of NBA on TNT hangs by a thread and Chuck was joking he’s in need of a job. That’s where ESPN’s hockey expert, PK Subban, comes in and rallies the fans.

Charles Barkley’s ESPN takeover


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Game 2 of the Stanley Cup was underway when the ESPN booth received a guest. NBA legend, TNT’s basketball analyst, and regular hockey fan, Charles Barkley, popped in while PK Subban, Steve Levy, and Mark Messier were doing their thing. Before the game ended 4-1 for Florida, Chuckster had the NHL community in stitches.

Subban loved having him on the show so much that he posted on X, “Is there anyone better at this job than Charles Barkley?” Undoubtedly not. Because he answered his own question in the post with, “What a legend!”

Sir Charles was in form. He accidentally dropped F-bombs, reminded Messier that he owed $5,000 and picked NHL commissioner, Gary Bettman, over his Inside Guy, Shaquille O’Neal. Chuck’s 15-minute intermission made him a trending topic on social media. The subject of TNT possibly losing NBA came up and fans can’t imagine sports broadcast without this lovable entertainer.

They were ready to hit up ESPN, Bettman, or TNT to make something happen. Fans chimed in with recommendations to bring The Round Mound of Rebound to the rink instead of the hardwood court. Some just think that he should be on every sports studio panel. Subban’s question was met with a resounding affirmation of luring Chuck to the hockey side.

NHL fans love Charles Barkley again

A few weeks ago, Chuckster stopped by the NHL on TNT broadcast during the playoffs and doomed the Toronto Maple Leafs with the Chuck Guarantee. At least Leafs fans didn’t like him anymore. That is in the past now. He’s proven he’s a better studio personality than he is at predictions. Enough for fans to want him to quit basketball and jump to hockey. “Was watching it with my wife and said the NHL should call his agent and say name your price. Be great!” one fan responded to Subban. Maybe NHL on TNT should reconsider.


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Before the NBA media rights deal was finalized, Chuck declared he’d never work like a “dog” at ESPN. Over the weekend, he changed his opinion and is willing to take a job at TNT’s rivals if Inside the NBA shutters. Fans even gave ESPN ideas like this one, “Having Charles – who is a national treasure is a stroke of genius for hockey. Very very well played by the team, P.K.! What if you guys had him at the big board talking about hockey – put him on the spot next year?!

Wouldn’t hurt to lure the others too because someone summarized, “Charles has his own way of doing things. And he doesn’t give 2💩s what others think of him. I love the way he and Shaq go back and forth. And he will tell you the NHL playoffs are the best.” Take a hint, NHL.

A few still hold a grudge for the Toronto thing citing, “Only problem he picked the wrong team.” But ultimately, the NHL community saw the big goofball towering over most of the players for what he is. “A national treasure! Dropping F bombs on national live TV and announcing Edmonton is one of his favorite cities in Canada 🤣🤣🤣 stay awesome Charles


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Stay tuned for more such updates, and to follow what Shaq’s ex-agent, Leonard Armato, has to say about the Reese-Clark rivalry and more, watch this video.