Charles Barkley Is Not Here for Taylor Swift Slander, Lashes Out on Live TV Over Bizarre Conspiracy Theory: “It Is Maddening”

Published 02/01/2024, 8:09 AM EST

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We know the Taylor Swift effect has swept over the NFL, but elections? Charles Barkley doesn’t fall for these traps. The absurd conspiracy theory floating around about the billionaire hitmaker has made it to the King Charles forum. Gayle King’s co-host, unfiltered as he is, proved he’s a Swiftie first. But he’s also a rational decision-maker.

After the Chiefs made the Super Bowl cut and Swift was on the field to celebrate with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, myriad conspiracies surfaced on social media. Prominently, some theories claim that she and Kelce are key components in getting people to vote for President Joe Biden. To that, Barkley said, “I’m a big fan of his [Kelce]. And I love Taylor Swift. The notion that they got this vast conspiracy, whoever they want her to, you know, endorse machine for president… that’s just stupid. I’m not going to vote for any candidate because some celebrity said it…” 

A wide range of theories most found laughable have floated but a few have turned it into primetime content. Some bitter fans claimed that the Chiefs’ recent success was rigged to further Biden’s re-election campaign. The Pentagon was also mentioned in some places. Several right-wing media personalities also fueled these conspiracies. Referring to some media personalities who furthered this theory, Barkley added, “It’s maddening to me.” 


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Taylor Swift sang, “This revolution, the time will come for us to finally win,” but it’s ludicrous to suggest her relationship with Kelce is a political publicity stunt. Charles Barkley therefore called out those people who are amplifying it. “In order to pull something like that off, so many people would have to be involved. That’s why it makes no sense. That’s why I’m not knocking another news program but I think you have to do your own due diligence when you listen to all these things.” ‘

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However, just because he defended pop star doesn’t mean the 1993 NBA MVP has forgiven her for indirectly losing him money.

Charles Barkley is also mad at Taylor Swift


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In 2023, a single post by Swift resulted in 35,000 voter registrations on a nonpartisan nonprofit site. Her impact is palpable but the conspiracies are so extreme even diehard Swifties like Chuck aren’t buying it.

Charles Barkley has been vocal about political issues long before he was discussing it on King Charles. While he defended Swift from political drama and he’s had sound advice for the fledgling couple, he’s bitter about one thing.


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I’m never going to listen to another Taylor Swift song again,” he claimed. Why? “I bet on the Bills.” That’s the Buffalo Bills that were eliminated by the Chiefs in the playoffs for the third straight year in a row. We don’t think that was the Swift factor, Chuck.


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