“Went to the Doctor and I Had CBOTB”: Shaquille O’Neal Admits Biggest Weight Loss Desire to Tom Brady

Published 10/29/2023, 9:06 AM EDT

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Like many people, Shaquille O’Neal received a life-altering diagnosis that forced him to re-evaluate his life. This is a condition that can only afflict the Big Aristotle. He’s since taken charge and turned his health around. He’s still got ways to go. Nonetheless, he has earned the bragging rights about how far he’s come. And he got to share his progress and his fitness goals with 7x Superbowl winner Tom Brady.

Shaq doesn’t just want to get back in shape. He wants to look like an athlete in his prime, or at least like how the NFL legend is pulling off retirement.

Shaquille O’Neal’s condition changed his life


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If Shaquille O’Neal stops by Tom Brady and Larry Fitzgerald’s podcast, it’s bound to be equal parts funny and witty. On Let’s Go, O’Neal had some serious confessions to make about his weight. Shaq has been losing weight over the off-season, inching closer to his ultimate goal with determination and hard work.

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The Big Chicken mogul admitted his weakness is sandwiches. While he feeds generous portions to fans at his restaurants, it got the better of him. “I went to the doctor and I had CBOTB,” he told Brady. “That’s ‘Charles Barkley Over The Belly Belt.’” 


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You can understand while Brady&Co. were laughing at it but Shaq was serious. “Damn, my belly is over my belt,” he moaned.

Shaq and Chuck get away with taking jabs at each other’s weight. But he has to refrain a bit now. Charles Barkley also took charge of his health to get 65lbs lighter. He’s committed to keeping his health in check while O’Neal is aspiring for an Instagram-worth bod.

In all seriousness, the 7’1″ giant did see the need for change during the pandemic when he found himself unable to climb the stairs. Aware that it would get worse if he doesn’t fix it, he dedicated himself to staying on the fitness track. Shaq admitted to Brady that he’d get comfortable after losing 10lbs and give up. Not this time. He enlisted experts like the IFBB coach, Roc Shabazz who also accompanies him city to city and helps him stay fit.

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Brady himself is serving Shaq inspiration. “This year I wanted to get a little more into shape. I saw you on the beach with your shirt off and I got super jealous,” he groused to the legendary quarterback. “Tom does it again!”

Tom Brady is pulling off retirement well. With such a role model, Shaq has achieved results worth flaunting.

Shaquille O’Neal is a step closer


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He’s shared it a few times before and he reiterated to the NFL stars hosting the podcast too. 51-year-old O’Neal’s goal is to get back to the fittest years of his NBA playing career.

He said that he was at 401lbs till he improved his diet and workouts. He told Brady he lost “about 50 lbs” but in a previous interview he said his total weight loss so far amounts to 55 lbs. He’s somewhere in the 350lbs range but he’s not stopping.

Imma try to take it to 325lbs. I wanna take my shirt off on the beach like you did,” confessed the 2000 NBA MVP.


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We know there are many people rooting for Shaq to meet his goals. Do you think going after Barkley and Brady is helping O’Neal?


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