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7ft 1 Shaquille O’Neal’s Wish to Be “Smaller” Unveiled Through New Pepsi Stint

Published 11/20/2023, 12:44 PM EST

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Shaquille O’Neal is a 7’1 giant and one of the most loved NBA personalities. The Big Man has a global reach and is popular amongst all, alike. So, while there might be a lot of benefits attached to being as tall as Shaq, the man himself differs.

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In a recent commercial for soft drink giant Pepsi, Shaq is letting out his true feelings concerning his height. In the newly released campaign, the Big Man has several complaints associated with his height.

Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t want to be a giant anymore?


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It is tough to imagine Shaq without his mighty personal presence. Although there is so much more to his charming personality, the 7’1 height surely adds a lot to it. One of the favorite things for his fans on the internet is seeing Shaq do regular things but with his height of 7’1 and over 300 lbs of weight. Even on the show he does for TNT alongside some of his close friends, the LA Lakers legend is a goofy character. What adds an additional layer of fun to everything is seeing someone as mighty and otherworldly as Shaq doing regular things and messing around.

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While the fans like to enjoy visuals such as him drinking water from a regular bottle, Shaq recently unveiled the problems that come with being 7’1. In the recent Pepsi commercial, Shaq says that sleeping on a regular-sized bed, entering a regular door, and even fitting himself inside a frame is a tough task. The campaign is about Pepsi mini cans and they’ve found the perfect person to promote it. Shaq posted the advertisement on his Instagram with the caption “Yes, it’s true. Sometimes I wish I was a little bit smaller.”


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Shaq added that these mini cans are his “favorite” as he leaves the screen with a smile.


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Shaquille O’Neal’s weight loss journey

The 51-year-old has been on a weight loss journey in recent years. As per the Big Man, the realization was a result of him inching close to 400 lbs and getting older by the day. Shaq decided to shed some weight as he wished to be healthier so he could focus on himself, work, and family. Till now, he has lost over 55 lbs, and during his last interview on the topic, he weighed 351 lbs.


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Although the number might sound impressive, Diesel wants to dip it even further. Shaq’s desired weight is around 315-330 lbs and he has said that he’ll comfortably get there.

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