Shaq Pleaded “I Have Diarrhea” After Cop Threatened to Arrest Him for Breaking Law

Published 04/14/2024, 9:55 AM EDT

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Imagine getting pulled over by the police, threatened with arrest, and then coming up with a ridiculous justification to get out of trouble. Shaquille O’Neal, the NBA superstar, recently disclosed this amusing situation on “The Big Podcast with Shaq.”

When the legendary basketball player discussed his previous interactions with police authorities, a really funny story surfaced that highlighted Shaq’s quick wit and exuberant nature. Beyond the amusement, though, this episode illuminates the human side of a sporting star and serves as a reminder that even the most renowned people have their share of relatable and sensitive moments. But what did Shaq say?

The unexpected circumstance: O’Neal apprehended by the police


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Shaquille O’Neal talked candidly about a remarkable experience he had with the police while passing through Valdosta, Georgia, on his podcast. Shaq was caught in the sight of a law enforcement officer as he was speeding down the route; the officer’s bright lights indicated a threat. But Shaq, ever the improviser’s master, had a shocking move up his sleeve.


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O’Neal stated, “One day I’m flying and this is Valdosa Georgia flying that’s that’s down south Georgia I don’t have to get into what that means so the cop comes and my thing is I ain’t got nothing in the car whatever happens to lock me up whatever I know I’m going to get out so I’m like making up my story.” He continued, “Whenever they say, ‘Roll your window down, sir,’ I put my hands out, came. He said, ‘Why’re you going so goddamn fast?’ I said, ‘Man, I got to take a sh*t. I apologize. I got to go so bad. Sir, I have diarrhea. I have to go so bad, I apologize.'”


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Shaq came up with a ridiculous reason as his arrest was about to happen, telling the police that he had diarrhea, a serious medical issue. The cop and the audience were both in laughter at this unexpected revelation, which demonstrated Shaq’s ability to defuse awkward circumstances with charm and comedy.

Shaq’s concerned reaction to being trampled


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Shaquille O’Neal’s larger-than-life demeanor is visible outside of the basketball court as he continues to share with the crowd with the intricacies of his antics. O’Neal mentioned, “Sir I apologize you caught me I’m I’m going to take the ticket I got to he said go ahead man just slow down I was like yeah and I looked in the mirror I was like just keep on going.” Even with his enormous size and commanding appearance, Shaq has won over admirers with his humble personality and lighthearted sense of humor.

Shaq’s “yeah every time I get stopped” ability to change course with humorous flair in the middle of a potentially dangerous dispute says a lot about his character. Neither the cop nor his audience could have been more surprised when Shaq chose a disarming approach over using his star position or intimidation.


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